Living a Lie

Monday, January 14, 2013

Today i discovered that i have been living a lie, a lie that was spurned on by a bad scale. I had my suspicions for a while. I would weigh myself and get one number, step off and back on and get a completely different number. Every time i went to the doctor i would always weigh a lot more than my scale at home said I did. Despite the evidence to the contrary, i was happy to stick with the lowest number and live in ignorant bliss.

Last week I weighed in on a scale that is part of a local fitness program, to my dismay, i again weighed a lot more than my home scale showed. Again, I chose to stick with the lowest number. I was thinking, well, at least i lost weight because if i weigh more on there, then that means i weighed more than i thought i did when i started. WAIT! That means... That means i weighed a lot more than I ever thought i did!! Yes, i know i lost weight, I can tell. I think i have lost at least 20 lbs, but i can never be certain of exactly how much and how fat i really had gotten.

I decided to invest in an accurate scale. It came in today and as soon as i got home i opened it up and weighed myself. As i suspected, I weigh about 10 lbs more that i thought i did at this point. So, i have to re-adjust my goals and reset my information so that it can be accurate. I will weigh in the morning in my birthday suite on my new scale and go from there. While it may have set me back on my gaol by about 10 lbs, it doesn't stop me. It motivates me to work harder, eat better, and live better. Sure, i may not meet my 240 goal by the end of March. It may take me a little longer than that, but i'm going to try my hardest to get as close as i can by then.

What motivates me the most is not just being healthier and putting diabetes in it's place, but also getting rid of prescription meds and saving money. I hate taking meds, i think they just make things worse in the long run and with all that i'm taking, i'm spending a fortune every month. So, i figure, good way to save money is to get healthy and get to the point that i no longer need those meds. Not to mention the A1C blood tests every 3 months and doctor bills, etc.
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