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Monday, January 14, 2013

I am following through on not letting people stress me out.

As far as work, I have been following through on not putting up with jerks. I got a guy last week. I set a bunch of showings for yesterday. I confirmed on Saturday. At 6:00 Saturday night, he e-mails me and says he wants to move all the showings back an hour and a half on Sunday as he had to work. I told him I was sorry, but I need more notice to push all these properties back and I couldn't do it. I said we would go out next weekend. An hour later, during the Packer game, I get another e-mail that now he could make it at 2:30. I told him I canceled them as I have to be considerate of the sellers. I got a nasty e-mail back from him yesterday afternoon saying he would do this on his own. OK. I got a new buyer today looking for the exact same thing, but looking to spend a lot more.

I have decided I am not going to let these buyers stress me out. There is no reason for people to be rude and I won't let myself get treated with no respect. I am my own boss now so the only person I answer to is me.

Even on the homefront..on Saturday my son went ballistic because he didn't want to finish sanding down a wall where he had repaired the plaster. He globbed it on without even thinking. He has been working on this since Thanksgiving weekend. Saturday, he wants to come to the barn. I mentioned the wall and he needed to stay home and fix. He went ballistic and started swearing at me and pretending he was going to hit me. He always waits until his dad's back is turned, but this time, my husband saw him. Needless to say, he didn't go to the barn. He has been working on the wall. I am not going to speak to him until he apologizes and shows some sense of maturity. He knows the trip to Vegas is riding on this.

On another note, we got the Fitbit Aria scale yesterday. I like it because it connects wirelessly to my fitbit account. Now, I can't weight myself and pretend the number didn't happen. It is right there when I look at my steps.

Today was a nice day. I caught up on some work I needed to do for closing files. Then I watched a lifetime movie with my daughter. I then did an 75 minutes of Walk it Out.

A big positive is that my husband put down a glass of wine for me to drink with dinner. I did not touch it. He didn't even notice until after dinner when he asked if I wanted it. I said no. Yesterday, we went out and I did drink and I noticed it today. I don't like the feeling the next day. You just feel foggy. I like waking up with a clear head.

I am trying to write down at least 3 - 5 positive things each day so I am not focusing on the negative all the time. These were the positives of the last 24 hours emoticon
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