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The biggest obstacle is always ME!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Weigh in for the next round of BLC is Wednesday. I ALWAYS do well in these 12 week rounds. I NEVER do well outside them. I know why. It's ME! I'm not going to blame anything else but MYSELF!

I know this obstacle in the road to HEALTH & FITNESS very well. I have encountered it again and again. I know it so well I even make plans for how to avoid it. Just like a good map it only works if I follow it. THERE! THAT'S the problem. It's me!

Here is what happens. I work very hard for 12 weeks to get the maximum weight off. I think the competitive nature of the BLC is good in motivating me. Also, it's much more motivating for me to get my fitness minutes when they count toward a challenge. I push harder and longer than I do on my own.

I eat better in a challenge round as well. I track my calories more faithfully. I eat more fruits and vegetables. I drink more water above my 8 glasses a day. I try new recipes and research my meals out more. I weigh and measure more carefully.

Lastly, I don't play those head games in a round. You know them:

I'll start really exercising and counting calories on WEDNESDAY after the round starts.

I'll quit drinking soda when I'm back in the round.

I'll have fries tonight but then no more on Wednesday.

See the problem? It's allowing myself to go back to the habits that took me to 350 pounds rather than conquering them ONCE and for all and moving forward.

HABITS - It's really all about them. Now lest you think I have made no progress I have made HUGE progress. I've lost 90+ pounds. I can walk 3 miles. I exercise EVERY single day. I gave up diet soda last June and have never looked back. THOSE are good habits. I need to kick some more BAD ones to the curb.

Bottom line - I have to make the habits of my "BLC rounds" my FULLTIME habits. I need to extend these habits through the breaks. I MUST get past the obstacle that is ME. CAN I have french fries? Of course I "CAN". SHOULD I? I know the answer is no. CAN I skip my cardio and watch TV? Of course I "CAN". SHOULD I? Absolutely not.

I must get past that "entitlement" mindset and keep my good BLC habits going year round.

Good thing BLC weigh-in is Wednesday. Now to build momentum and KEEP it going right on through to BLC22!

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