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Jan. 12, 13, & 14th blog pictures...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all are doing well?! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

See I told you I'd get behind, hee hee. That's okay, I enjoy doing more then one. So here we go...

Jan. 12th words - "A Self Portrait"...

Okay, now this is hard! Not only do I hate every picture there is of me, but how do I have a picture that is a self portrait of who I am.... let me look.

Okay I found three... hee hee. I'm a complex person, hee hee.
Picture 1 -

This is a picture of my family (two boys and Hubby) at his brother's wedding a few years back. I pick this one because I'm first a MOMMY & WIFE.

Picture 2 -

This is a picture of me on my wedding day, yes in my wedding dress, and taking a picture with my favorite teddy bear, Teddy. If you know me, teddy bears are a big part of my life. As a child and now... hee hee.

Picture 3-

I forgot where I got this picture... probably one of those e-mails that go around. It's a picture of a huge flag held up by cranes. The sun is behind it and shines through like a cross shape. I picked this picture because I love all the American stuff and just proud to be an American. I also love it because I'm Catholic and very proud of that!!! I love how they are together... if only, huh?!!

So those make up my self portrait, sort of... hee hee.

Jan. 13th words - "A Stranger's Smile"...

Okay, he's not a stranger... or even a person I guess. But this is a picture of my teddy bear, Frosty (guess he's not a "bear" more a "teddy Snowman", but you all know what I mean).

He once was a stranger to me, hee hee, and now I love him! I picked him because everytime I'm mad, sad, or just having a bad day he can make me smile, just seeing his face! It's even gotten to the point when I'm mad at my cubs / boys (all three of them) they will bring him to me to change my mood. Yeah, it does work... but they are still in trouble for whatever they did, hee hee.

Today's words - "In Low Light"...

I picked this picture of my husband and his birthday cake (candles lit) because this month is his birthday!

He is a wonderful and amazing man. I'm so very happy I met him and get to call him my husband! He is always there for me when I need him. He puts up with all my weirdness,bad moods, emotional moods, and just everything I do... I can get pretty annoying... hee hee. He's always there for our family, my family (parents & sister's family), he's always there for his family... even though I feel after 38 years they are JUST finally starting to realize who he really is. He'd be there for my friends, his friends, our friends... people he doesn't even know. He loves to help people, and like me, just make them smile / happy. God has definitely blessed my life giving me him and I just hope I'm a good wife to him too. I love you Sweetie! These words today maybe "in low light", but you are the brightest light in my life and I'm so happy you are mine!!!

So those are the pictures I have, and we are caught up. I looked at tomorrow's word and THIS SHOULD BE FUN... hee hee. I can take it in so many different ways. Till tomorrow my Sparkie friends...

God bless,
emoticon emoticon
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