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Monday, January 14, 2013

Ok, first blog. Well, first weight loss blog. I have been coming to Spark every single day for the past month or so. Spark and I have had a rocky relationship over the past 8 years. I tend to get pretty clingy for a couple weeks and then don’t call or write for a few months (or years.) Even when I do visit often, I rarely come to my Spark page. I was just reading what I wrote as my intro. I have my pre-pregnancy weight as 210. I thought my pre-baby weight was 205. Ok, so to clarify, I didn’t give birth, my wife did. But it was hard to resist when she wanted ice cream. If what I wrote is correct, I hit one of my goals a couple weeks early. I wanted to be pre-pregnancy weight, which I thought was 205, by our daughter’s first birthday (Feb.1). I hit 210 today. It’s hard to say what major milestone I am at since I did a major yo-yo. I went from 250 to 210 (or 205, depending on which I believe) to 230 and now back to 210. I am down 40 over-all since 2009. But down 20 from when I really started trying again this past October. Ok, I may have taken November off. I know that consistency has been an issue with me, but this time feels different. Every time has felt different, but this is even more different. For starters, I am doing this with my beautiful wife. Sure we have tried before and fallen off together. One of us wanted to cave and the other one mentioned it and we ended up with a feast for 4 between the 2 of us. Then we would figure that we have given up and start the no-work-outs,-fast-food-all-th
e-time cycle again. Spark moves down on the history bar on my computer and Dominos moves up. A few weeks would go by, we would feel like crap, our jeans would start getting tight and we would begin the cycle again. But this time, we aren’t being so nice to each other about it. We aren’t letting each other cave. We are not only supporting each other, but motivating, too. When she doesn’t feel like working out, I push her. I’ve never done that before. I have always figured that since I was happy with her no matter what she weighed, this was her journey and I was just a spectator. That’s not true though. This is OUR life. We need to worry about OUR future for OUR daughter. I need to be healthy for her and she needs to be healthy for me. As much as this has to be a personal journey, it also has to be a joint venture. Taking an active roll in each other’s weight loss has made a huge difference so far.
The other major difference: My mother. My mom and I get along great. We always have. Every time I jumped on the band wagon, I tried to drag my parents kicking and screaming, never with much luck. A friend talked my mom into weight watchers last month. So she is in with us. My wife goes to WW with her and they are doing great. I’m saving my money. For right now, I am doing great with their help and, of course, Spark. If I stall, or feel like I need more support, I can start going with them.
So there it is. Those two people have apparently lit the fire for this to be a slow, steady lifestyle change. Diets are short-term and usually not sustainable. I lost a ton on South Beach. But I couldn’t live like that for more than a couple of weeks. I am eating smaller portions, more veggies, leaner meat, whole grains, less processed foods, almost no fast food and working out. So far, so good.

This feels like a lot for my first blog. Maybe I should cut it here and save some for later. Like I do with giant portions of food.
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    Thank you! Sue - I am hoping this blog will be inspiration for myself and others in the future. CL - It's always easier with moral support. Losing or gaining!
    1956 days ago

    My husband tends to gain weight, or lose weight, with me. Funny how that works!
    1957 days ago
  • SUE5007
    I am right there with ya. Maybe keeping a blog will help you the next time you're feeling stuck. Go back and read what you were doing on your good days. It might help motivate you.
    emoticon Good luck!

    1957 days ago
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