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Week Three! Good 4 Me! =O)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Great Job You Go GurL!


January 14th, Monday, 77 days until reaching the 1st goal post!! 3rd Week and still rolling!

Wow I have made it 2 weeks since the beginning of this year and what I am most proud of is the exercise I am taking in!! I have done more in this two weeks then I have all of last year! Great Cardio and I think my body and brain are starting to like me again! I guess they are made to work and dang it that is what they are doing! Yes I could push harder but I am grateful I am pushing at all.. I have a goal to get to and no matter what I write down on my food and exercise log my body WILL keep an accurate record so getting my hand to type the truth and the truth shall set me free.... Yeee haa! =O)


January 15th, 2013, Tuesday, 76 days until reaching the 1st goal post!! 3rd Week!

The Message I left on the topic of what was your proud moment today! So after writing this I said to myself HEY I can just copy and paste this on my daily blog and here it is!

Woke up jumped on the treadmill and broke my OWN record as I did the ole' walk run for 35 minutes, 4.5 MPH UP hill @ 3.5 incline! As liquid awesome dripped off my face and down my back my Heart rate @ 145 and at I smiled thinking Good for Me!

Now to share this with you makes me proud. Thanks for Asking! Great question. =O)


January 16th, 2013, Wednesday, 75 days until reaching the 1st goal post!! 3rd Week!

Today was a great day felt energetic finding myself wanting to exercise... Awesome for me!! I actually wanted to feel my body warm and sweaty because this week for some crazy reason I thought if I am not sweating as I like to say dripping liquid awesome =O) It just isn't worth my time.

If I am going to take the time to exercise then dang I am going to make it worth every second, I am going to push myself out of the easy zone and pump it up to the make it to my goal zone by getting my heart in it fat burning target zone and keeping it there for 20 full minutes no less. Doing all the proper stretching after and drinking water has kept my muscles from being strained or real sore!

I also got into a deep thinking zone and started to realise I think I have had anger issues deep inside of me angry because I let myself get "Obese" and I needed to change it but just wasn't my time I guess because book after book, diet after diet, all kinds of great dvds devoted to exercising, never getting used made me angry.

Putting everyone and everything else before me always being the nice one, always trying to be the peace maker, setting myself up for failure time and time again, thus creating me to be angry, maybe it was selfish of me to put others before me even though they thought I was kind, maybe I did this to avoid looking at myself or purposely ignoring myself, didn't want to see me, be me because I have been so angry with myself and kept all this inside bottled up and even knocked me into a depression of self pity yet the entire fight was inside of me, where no one else could see.

Well here I am and I am no longer staying tucked away I am exposing myself, making myself accountable, no more blame, no more shame, for what it's worth, it feels GREAT I am glad I have finally decided to work on ME I believe this is my time to shine and melt off all those anger issues and leave them behind. I am worth it and so are YOU...


January 17th, 2013, Thursday, 74 days until reaching the 1st goal post!! 3rd Week!

A great day but so very tired and could sleep forever going jump on the treadmill give it a go either wake up or take a nap... got to keep on keeping on.... to get to where I need to be. Peace out. =O)

45 minutes later and yeppers I got it done..... Hot sweaty (aka liquid awesome) cooling down and writing it down... i have to admit being accountable for my actions writing it down, doing it instead of thinking it IS making a difference!


January 18th, 2013, Friday, 73 days until reaching the 1st goal post!! 3rd Week!

Friday a long long day - lots of work - little time BUT made time for me did what I needed to do to get to where I want to be - 60 minutes of low aerobics and dang well worth the effort.


January 19th, 2013, Saturday, 73 days until reaching the 1st goal post!! 3rd Week!

Tired tough day BUT have to keep on keeping on so made the best of it- Little rest lots of effort going to get my butt moving on the treadmill - I'll be back =O)


January 17th, 2013, Sunday, 72 days until reaching the 1st goal post!! 3rd Week!

Last day of the week and what a great week of personal achievements it's been. I have ran longer and further then ever before (maybe high school?) I have climbed higher and faster then ever in my life!

I had no idea I would be able to push my body this hard and still live to tell about it! I AM PROUD OF ME and I AM GOING TO KEEP ON KEEPING ON UNTIL I GET WHERE I NEED TO BE!!! Good for me!! Jumping up and down with joy!! =O)

Your body is keeping and accurate journal regardless of what you write down.
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