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2 Weeks Into Whole30: Time for Exercise?

Monday, January 14, 2013

I haven't been shy about the fact that I've devoted the first 1/2 of Whole30 to attempting to heal my heel (okay, my PF...same diff). After several days of lowered, but still there irritation and pain I've come to realize that it's as good as it's going to get for now without help from me. So I'm going to help it out.

Step 1: Stretching
The doctor (physical therapist) has assigned me 4 different things to do two to three times a day.

1) The golf ball roll.
I always heard a tennis ball was best, but she's telling me I need the hard and small golf ball to really get the work done. I have one in my bag with me always now. The idea is to roll my foot on it three times a day for however long I can stand so that I can break down the nasty collagen and build back up the good stuff.

2) The calf stretch.
I have to put my injured foot behind me, straight, and my other knee bent and then lean into the wall. This should stretch the muscles that run up my foot/ankle/leg, especially my calf. The stiffness in my leg is a bit crazy considering I haven't worked on in so long.

3) The calf stretch, part deux.
Same as above, except with my bad knee bent as well. This stretches different leg muscles and is just as important.

4) The arch massage.
Three times a day I'm supposed to massage my arch for about 30 seconds at least. This does the same as number one. The bonus? I use lotion when I massage and so my feet are getting softer already! *lol*

Step 2: Flexibility Through Exercise

I need to start out my workout routine with exercise that help improve my flexibility and do not require me to bounce or jump on my foot/ankle. Now if I could get to the pool or a bike, I would totally do that, but I simply can't work that out right now. Instead I'll be trying the following:

- Yoga
I have at least 2 yoga DVDs and I'm not afraid of getting more. I will try to take the bounce out of Yoga Meltdown (by Jillian Michaels) as well and use that for an extra HR bump if possible. (But if she stresses the foot too much, she'll be kicked out of rotation.)

- Pilates
I have one pilates DVD. I hate Pilates because it seems to be more painful than Yoga to me. But I will give it another try because it MIGHT just work out the kinks...if I can get past the initial OUCH stage.

- UFC Ultimate Trainer
I got this for myself as a gift for Christmas (a Black Friday deal!), but I have yet to try it out. I believe you can build your own workouts, so I think if I put in a lot of strength training stuff I should be good. My PT actually encourages lunges (even though they hurt me) because it might help increase flexibility in my foot/ankle.

- Strength Training
I have been at this long enough that I should be able to set up a routine. And my FIL has a weight set in his garage that I've been told I'm welcome to use. I may take him up on that offer because for right now my PT doesn't even suggest walking. I need something to build my strength back up.

Here's the thing - Whole30 has done wonders to debloat me and shrink me, but I can tell I'm all mushy inside right now. Two months off of my heavy duty workouts makes for a squishy Esther. I may not be able to do much of a calorie burn right now in my workouts, but I can build more muscle, which will help increase my all-over calorie burn throughout the day. So that's the plan. I gave the foot it's time...and it healed up quite a bit on its own. But Whole30 is not a complete miracle for me. I have to take steps to help reap the benefits. So for the next 16 days, that will include some strength and flexibility and stretching.

For now, there is no set plan other than to do at least 15-20 minutes every weeknight and to get my stretches done 3 times a day, every single day, even if they aren't evenly spaced out (my OCD sometimes keeps me from my task, I'm realizing).

1/2 of January is almost up. How are you spending your time?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I didn't lose any weight until the end of the Whole30. Then it fell off! I cheated and weighed myself which you shouldn't be doing. Also, the weight came off in weird places first like my back, neck and arms. It seemed to move from top down. My sister's body did the same thing. I now can pull my jeans off without unbuttoning them. So be patient and stick it out. It will work if you follow it to a T! I also did not exercise during my first Whole30 because it was such a radical diet plan and I didn't want to make it so hard on myself. Don't cheat at all and you will be shocked and pleased at the end. It helped me see when I was turning to food for comfort or rewards or anything other than fuel. Also, none of the stuff that I loved before tastes good anymore. My palette changed and now my favorites are cooked spinach with almond flour and onions in it and black coffee with a banana on the side. Gross, right? I feel so much better and don't want to go back to they way I felt before. I'd rather eat weird stuff and feel good. SO I hope that encourages you in your Whole30 and letting your injury heal.
    1878 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Sounds like you are doing great, I know it's tough! Just don't jump back into too quickly. :-) As for me, I'm really trying to push harder on the running...I'd like to actually be able to run 30 min (or 5k) in a row someday!
    1956 days ago
    Good luck healing that sucker. I've heard several people say it took about a year!

    I have fallen arches & have had the 'towel scrunch' (and spread back out) with toes exercise. I have no idea if PF & fallen arches are very familiar (I know my situation!). I'm no longer under a PT's care or I'd ask him.
    1956 days ago
    I knew there was a reason why my exercising is lousy! LOL Honestly, I really appreciate your efforts. Good on you!!

    1956 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    Getting back into running, learning to be ok with the treadmill if needed based on weather/snow/darkness/all 3.

    Getting ready to drive through your state in a couple of weeks on I-77 to go to a wedding down south.
    1956 days ago
    Love that you have a plan and you are so correct with: "I may not be able to do much of a calorie burn right now in my workouts, but I can build more muscle, which will help increase my all-over calorie burn throughout the day."

    Awesome job on Whole 30 so far!

    Fingers crossed that the PT, stretches and strength continue to heal you even more!
    1956 days ago
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