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Sweet Challenge

Monday, January 14, 2013

I've made it four whole days with absolutely no intense sweets - no sugar, no honey, no syrup (diet or otherwise), no Splenda/Equal/Sweet n Low/saccharine, no raisins/dried fruit, no sugar free pudding, no sugar free ice cream, and no juice. When you understand that other than 2 times when I tried for several weeks to reduce my artificial sweetener use (and ended up using more regular sweeteners), I have been using large amounts of artificial sweeteners for many years. I substituted an artificial sweetener habit for a sugar habit. I could control my weight, but I still felt somewhat out of control and knew that I was not fueling my body optimally.

The last few days I have really enjoyed fruit. It amazes me that even things I don't usually think of as sweet (baby carrots, corn, peas, almonds, bananas, tomatoes) suddenly seem sweet to me. I thought this might happen, but certainly did not expect it to happen so soon. I find I can drink tea, herbal tea, coffee, and decaf coffee with nothing added. I don't like them as much, but that is fine, because I will probably drink more plain water and consume less caffeine which is an improvement.

Funny, but probably my hardest challenge was the Weight Watcher Open House. They served smoothies and samples of raspberry shortbread - both definitely sweet. I stayed away from them just fine at first, but then went over to the table to speak to one of the servers who I originally met at the first 5K I ran. I didn't take any refreshment, and didn't feel odd about it. Then they passed out samples of the new Celebration Cake bars. I brought mine and my nephew's home and gave them to my daughter yesterday. Then, believe it or not, my thank you gift for speaking was a box of Weight Watcher lemon filled lemon cakes! I brought them home and they are up (top shelf) in the cabinet. The family has decided they will be dessert at our next extended family dinner. My hubby particularly likes lemon. That will work! I had a hard time believing with all the savory snacks Weight Watchers sells that there was not one thing offered at the Open House that was not sweet. Oh, well, I proved to myself I can control my sweet tooth in a social setting

I'm definitely going for a week with no sweets and then I'll see whether I'm ready to reintroduce a very, very moderate amount. Or maybe not.
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    I tried the Birthday Cake mini bars and man were they sweet since I've cut back on sweets. Ditto for the raspberry short bread. The smoothie was delicious and I have been making some at home. (That is until my bottle of Fresca is gone) Once the Fresca is gone I will move on to other things. The WW smoothie mixes are starting to taste sweet and I've been playing around with just adding whey powder and spices to 8 ounces of skim milk instead. I will finish those that I still have at home but I bought a bunch of flavor extracts which I've been adding to whey smoothies with fruits and veggies to make a variety of different smoothies. Yummy! Kudos to you on your sugar fast. You can do it!!!!!!!
    2462 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/19/2013 8:42:59 PM
    You have taken self control to a new level.

    I can understand if you cant just take one

    the don't take any at all. I still would encourage

    you to reward yourself every 2 weeks or so with a small

    treat at least. Your in great shape to enjoy life a tad every

    now and again ... may be OK? I am so proud

    of your work to finish and stick to your plan. You

    keep me motivated to reach my goals.
    2466 days ago
    2466 days ago
    2467 days ago
    Good job! Sweets can be my downfall!
    2467 days ago
    You deserve about a thousand points for not eating those treats.
    And to imagine the worst ones were from Weight Watchers.
    Good luck on your continued sugarless diet.
    My tastes are more like WATERMELLEN's.
    I find some fruits too sweet, but it's difficult for me to find anything that is too salty.

    2467 days ago
    Excellent! Gotta say, I don't have much problem with cookies etc. (my crave foods are more of the salty/fat types) but do use Splenda in my coffee and Splenda-sweetened fat free yogourt, too. Reasonably moderate . . . and I do stay away from sugar and aspartame.

    You got some terrific deals! Good for you! I find I'm more likely to locate the size I now wear on sale than when I was heavier. Yesterday the post-Christmas sales rack at my fave discounter had lots of interesting stuff . . . bought only (at the liquidation place) a plain grey and a plain black pencil skirt . . . very basic good quality -- both together with tax less than $25. Go figure: exact same brand, fabric, waist/hip measurement . . . one a six, one an eight!
    2467 days ago
    Yeah. I have been concerned at times over the amount of sugar in JC foods, too, and for that matter, the amount of "sweet" even when it is not sugar.

    2467 days ago
    Wow - talk about turning away from temptations - and to think of all places where there would be so many goodies. You are such an inspiration!! Congratulations on taking the high road and keeping yourself healthy!!
    2467 days ago
    Amazing! You're a stronger woman than I.
    2467 days ago
  • _LINDA
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    I am in absolute awe! You did fantastic! That is very impressive to ignore that boat load of temptations!! Congratulations on discovering and enjoying the natural sweetness of freggies :) In my opinion nothing sweeter then a succulent strawberry, ripe banana or navel orange!!
    2467 days ago
  • MIRAGE727
    Good job, Barb! I believe that everyone should do what they need to fit their path. I just use portion control and that works for me. I love your sharing your vision. Thanks and stay strong!

    2467 days ago
    Good for you Marsha to go without the sweets. I finally got off of sweets for the most part. My normal eating does not include any sugar, package foods or artificial sweeteners. I was addicted to artificial sweeteners and it was hard to get off them but I feel so much better not having them. I sweeten things with Stevia which doesn't effect my blood sugar and I like that. I love my tomato, and you are so right that fruits taste sweeter when not eating sugar.
    I hope you like the way you feel and continue on with keeping the sweets out of your life. We really don't need them in our diet.
    Have a terrific week.
    2467 days ago
    Wow, great job Marsha! I bet you'll inspire some of us (like me) to give it a try.
    2467 days ago
  • GABY1948
    emoticon emoticon emoticon You are doing SO great! And you know that it is YOUR choice in the matter!
    2467 days ago
    You are doing fabulous, my friend!!
    2467 days ago
    2467 days ago
    2467 days ago
    2467 days ago
  • no profile photo RITAROSE
    Interesting blog! I gave up all sugar for two years on two occasions and felt much better and lost weight easier. I am currently done with week one of a sugar fast. Trying not to have any artificial either. I agree 100% how enjoyable fruits and veggies are under this plan! I delighted this weekend in eating grape tomatoes! They were delicious!!

    Three or four years ago on SP there was a challenge I participated in for one month. No pop, diet or regular. I was addicted and thought it would be a good chance to take a break. After a successful 30 days of abstaining I thought to myself, "I can have a pop now!" Then I realized that I didn't even care. The craving had passed and I was drinking oodles more water. I have decided to not drink any soda or flavored drink again because I feel so much better without it and drinking more water is so much better for me!
    Good plan my friend! emoticon
    2467 days ago
    Good for you in doing so well.
    2467 days ago
  • VFJF22051
    I also started a "no sweets" challenge for 2 weeks. Did great for 6 days then had a couple f fruit thins. I also include alcohol as a "sweet" because how its metabolized. I really has been much easier than I thought it would. But... I haven't been able to give up the cream yet. One day at a time. When I did have those thin cookies it was like all of a sudden my sweet craving kicked in and alls I wanted was sweets. If you can kick the sweets, keep them kicked to the curb or they will creep back up on ya. emoticon
    2467 days ago
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