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I think I'm Getting Stronger!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Yesterday afternoon I went to the Grocery Store because I needed more healthy food so I stay on track and keep doing well! So I walked in with my belly somewhat full & my list in my hand and at first everything went well but as I walked my carriage past the Bakery I realized I was running into trouble. There were soo many Sales and it was soo difficult to stay on task! I started tapping my nails alot on my Grocery Carriage and I was just trying to not reach out & grab anything bad! So I reached into my pocket & pulled out my Gum and shoved 2 pieces in my mouth & starting really chewing hard because I was fighting alot of temptations! So than I started basically speed walking my cart faster but than I ran into a real traffic jam around the section where A Display of Lays Potato Chips were right in front of me & wouldn't you know they were on sale 2 Bags for $5.00! I was like Oh comeon you gotta be kidding me! I looked at the Display saw my favorite Omg Cheddar Sour Cream & yes it was difficult! I thought yum those would taste soo good but than for the first time ever I also thought of something else! I thought yes those Chips would be soo yummy but Why would I ruin all the Healthy Eating & Exercising I have done to have those Chips! And after I thought about that I finally got out of that traffic of carts & grabbed my Greek Yogurt & went to the checkout. I believe after that experience I am getting stronger and yes I don't know if I have won for good but I know from my situation yesterday Victory was Mine and I enjoyed it! I just thought I share my story with my Sparkfriends and anyone who wishes to read it! Alright everyone keep on working hard & remember that we are stronger than we know! Have a great day everyone! :)
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