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Training Journal: 01/07 - 1/13/2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Weekly Miles: 33:03


Time: 60 min
HR Alert: 125 (68% HRM)
Location: West Rim Route
Distance: 5:26
Ave HR: 125
Ave Pace: 11:24

Splits: 10:38 / 11:31 / 11:32 / 11:48 / 11:33 / 11:19

Notes: I'm getting a lot of practice running in cold, rainy weather. Low 50's today, light to moderate rain. Guess where the longest hill was :-)

Time: 60 min
HR Alert: 135 (73% HRM)
Location: West Rim Route
Distance: 5:72
Ave HR: 134
Ave Pace: 10:29

Splits: 9:45 / 10:34 / 10:46 / 10:27 / 10:48 / 10:38

Notes: Since I am running a Half Marathon on Sunday, I decided to run at a higher heart rate today to prepare for the race. I won't be tapering for the race, but I will be running it at a faster pace (I hope) than I have been running for the past month.

Time: 60 min
HR Alert: 135 (73% HRM)
Location: West Rim Route
Distance: 5:67
Ave HR: 133
Ave Pace: 10:35

Splits: 9:58 / 10:31 / 10:54 / 10:53 / 10:44 / 10:26

Time: 30 min
HR Alert: 145 (79% HRM)
Intervals: :40/:10
Location: Ledge Mountain
Distance: 3:19
Ave HR: 139
Ave Pace: 9:25

Splits: 9:22 / 9:11 / 9:48 / 9:02

Notes: A little race tune-up. I had the heart rate alarm on, but I used the Gymboss to determine run / walk. The alarm went off occasionally towards the end of run segments.


3M Half Marathon
Distance: 13.19 miles
Time: 2:04:31
Ave HR: 146 (79%)
Ave Pace: 9:26

Splits: 9:42 / 9:37 / 9:28 / 9:30 / 9:25 / 9:36 / 9:34 / 9:34 / 9:23 / 9:06 / 9:25 / 9:26 / 8:57 / 9:24

Notes: I will confess that I really didn't feel like running this race when I got up. It was cold, windy, and very early (the race started at 6:45 am in the dark). I didn't sleep very well last night, although that turned out not to be a problem, and I had some GI issues before the race, which also did not cause problems in the race.

But once I started running, I felt really, really good. I felt great! I had my Garmin set to the "lap screen" which showed current mile stats, but I didn't really look at it very much. I just ran comfortably at what felt like a moderate pace. I never felt like I was pushing myself excessively.

I couldn't see elapsed time on this screen and didn't switch to that view because I didn't want to get too ambitious, since I hadn't tapered for this race. But I knew from glancing at the lap times, that I was running sub-10 minute miles in the early part of the race. I wondered how long that would last. I decided not to force it. If I needed to slow down, I would.

But I never felt the need, and in fact my fastest mile was mile 13. And that one had a fairly good sized hill. So I have improved my HM PR by 10 minutes (previous best was 2:14 set in last year's race) without doing a single 800 workout.

My predicted HM finish based on my last MM was 2:05:53. Looks like I may need to do a new MM.
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