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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Today, I went walking with some friends at a city creek trail. It was really nice. Beautiful day, crisp afternoon air, walking and talking with a buddy.

I have had a foot injury and in the interest of not further exacerbating the injury, I decided to turn back at the 3/4 mile mark so the 4 of us hung out for a while and chatted each other up a bit. I had found out that 2 of the people who I was walking with both had had some variant of a gastric bypass. One had just been discharged from the hospital over 2 weeks ago, and was on the mend, and starting to exercise, which is why we were walking. But as I listened to these women, I felt sort of uncomfortable, "It was great". "I've lost (however many) pounds already". "They moved my intestines all over the place.". I was stunned. I'm trying to lose 140 pounds and I am listening to these women go on about how great they feel, and all this, and I'm thinking "well sure you feel great! You just lost a load of weight in 2 weeks! But at what cost??"

I am sure this is a hot-button topic on this site. When the idea that doctors could make you lose obscene amounts of weight in a matter of months, I totally thought about it. Until I "thought" about it. Invasive surgery. Mind you, I'm not afraid of an operating table, nor am I paranoid at "what might go wrong". The mere thought of a doctor operating on me when I am not in mortal danger does not bode well with me.

Now, you could argue, that wanting to be 140 pounds lighter would fit under the "mortal danger" category. But for me it absolutely does not. I am able to walk, swim, get on an elliptical machine, lift weights, do yoga and myriad other things that though I don't necessarily "want" to do (if I had my druthers), the fact that I am doing these things, is enough for me to make sure that I don't ever physically get into that "danger" zone.

I have a reminder on my phone that alerts me every day to "stop judging people". I have come to finally pay attention to this alert and have no judgements to make on my friends who have had this procedure done. It was what they needed to do to get them to where they needed to be. Far be it from me to say anything about anyones path. At the same time, it was very odd to have these women make their cases so blatantly in front of me. I got a glowing recommendation from one of those people about the procedure.

I know what works for me. Invasive surgery is not the answer. As long as I am able to get up, I will have the perennial argument with myself about why I should or shouldn't go to the gym today, go to the gym, get tired, take a nap, eat better and continue on the path that is right for me.
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    I'm in full agreement that it is not an answer for me, but I firmly believe it is up to each individual to make the decision for themselves. Wish them the best, hope that they're really learning to live with the way they'll have to eat for the rest of their lives, and know inside it isn't the right answer for you.
    1950 days ago
    I am COMPLETELY with you on your stance on gastric bypass and lapband. I am not trying to disrespect anyone who has in desperation undergone the surgery, but...Let's look at it. It is physician-assisted anorexia-but it's "okay" because the people who undergo this procedure are morbidly obese. It doesn't really teach anything. I know some may argue that it does, but it doesn't. It is irreversible, and one is forced to eat less, and they lose weight and really fast, but...what did the person learn? That turning to surgery is the "only way" to learn self-control!
    I, too, considered it, but I just can't, in good conscience. One of my doctors had even suggested I consider it. She's not my doctor anymore. My current doctor told me, "Eat more vegetables. Exercise more. Watch your calories. Drink lots of water. If your mother who is nearly sixty can do it, I know that you can, too." I love her.
    1953 days ago
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