Biggest Loser 21 - Plan to succeed.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

12 weeks of successes!

Eating... Breakfasts will be smoothies or similar substitute. High protein and big drink makes me feel full for the day.
Snacks will be mostly fruit/veges
Lunch will be whatever suits on the day and dinner will be mostly from a meal plan. Everything will be watched to make sure I'm eating to my "full" level not over, eating low enough calorie foods and will track it all in a book each day. I do not track calories as I get over it quickly and give up, but in saying that, I will check new things, be aware of the calories and my diet is aimed to be 1200-1300 approx. I will be allowed one treat of approx 100-120 cals in the evening. Once I start teaching practice, I will be bringing lunches with me every day and having a snack in the van on the way home to avoid munchies when I get home.

Fitness! :) I am going to... Do walks in new places, talk Mr 18 months for a walk when we are out and about doing errands, rather than doing it from home as I get bored. I'm going to dance at home during the day on wet days, and will work at getting a cable from my computer to TV to do exercise video's when it's wet in autumn. Teaching practice... I'll try to do 10 mins before I start work if I have the time (don't know my hours yet and have Mr in care). Otherwise, I'll do a minimum of 15 mins in the evening 3 work days a week and 5 mins strength (arm curls/squats/etc) and then do two longer stretches in the weekends (even if it's only 40ish mins if that's all I can manage with the work)... The work will be exercise anyway compared to my normal level so not too bothered there.

I will weigh in daily as I have more motivation doing it this way and keep a closer eye. I will track my exercise minutes at least every couple of days on SP. I will reward myself every 2 kg (4lb approx) (starting with 77.9kg or less (172lb)) til I get to 70kg then every kg after that.
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