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Sunday, January 13, 2013

This blog is the introduction text that was on my SparkPage. I decided it was time for a change, but don't want to lose this part of my journey, so I'm posting it here.


Welcome to my SparkPage. When I started out on this journey, I began posting a weekly status update on my SparkPage. These weekly updates helped me to reflect on my adventure and the many ups and few downs I was experiencing. I've saved my blog for major moments and when I had A LOT to write. I hope you enjoy reading my story and that you always remember that YOU CAN DO IT no matter how impossible it may sometimes seem.

Spread the Spark and BELIEVE in yourself.

I'm stealing this quote from another Sparker because I really, really like it and wanted to share it with everyone who visits my page:


02/10/08 - Hello... I think I've finally reached my breaking point... which is a good thing. It means I'm finally ready to do somthing about all this extra weight I've been carrying my entire life. I've got to get healthy... because the alternative seems to be eating myself to death.

02/22/08 - I am so glad to have found SparkPeople. This is just an awesome site - and I'm so inspired by everyone I've met on here. I have so many hopes and dreams that I now actually think could become reality... it's a major change in my head and heart.

03/02/08 - I'm down 10 pounds! I'm so close to breaking the 300 barrier - I can't wait! I had energy today - to get the dogs all bathed (major chore), to take a walk with Cooper, to do chores and laundry, and even to get some minutes in on the bike! What a difference a few weeks makes!

03/09/08 - I broke the 300 barrier going down! Whooo hoooo! That was so amazing and unexpected this week, that I weighed myself like 10 times on two different scales to make sure it was right! Eating better, being more active, who knew it could be so fun!?!?

03/23/08 - So this past week I survived my first holiday, my first sporting event (I smuggled in Kashi and an apple for "dinner!"), and my first craving-day-from-hell! And in doing all that, I didn't go over my calorie limit on any day, and I got in at least 20 minutes of cardio every day!

03/25/08 - I had a personal moment today... I put on a shirt that I hadn't worn in a few months... and I saw myself in the mirror and realized that I have already changed some - the shirt definately fit me much better than it used to fit. I hadn't personally seen the difference in my body yet, so this was a major moment.

04/05/08 - As of today, I have lost a total of 25 pounds! I can't believe how far I've come in just under two months. Between the Trackers and Spark Teams, I feel like I have the tools and support to actually do this - to keep going and to reach my goals. It's such an amazing feeling!

04/12/08 - I survived my first road trip (6 hours in the car) and my first wedding and reception! Started off with a good breakfast that was high in proten and fiber, brought healthy snacks along for the ride - and tons of water! - and stuck with chicken and veggies at the reception! This is doable!!! I worried for nothing!

04/19/08 - WHOOO HOOOO! I have reached my first 10% mini-goal! I am down 32 pounds since starting SparkPeople. This week has been really hard since I have been sick and not able to exercise, but I was really careful about what I ate and got lots of water, and that worked! I can't wait to get back on track next week with exercise!

04/27/08 - So I was wearing a tank top today around the house because it was so warm out... and I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror - and I noticed that I'm getting some upper arm muscles!!! Just a little bit of tricep and shoulder definition! It's not much, but it's proof that what I'm doing is working! Yay!

05/04/08 - So I love numbers... and I was doing my math... and I realized that I've lost 20% of the total amount of weight that I want to lose! 20% and I'm not quite 3 months in! That just amazes me! I also worked on "project: wash dogs" today, and that was so much easier than last time - less of me meant it was easier being in the shower working on them! Yay!

05/10/08 - Today is my 3 month Anniversary with Sparks! I'm very happy to report that in 3 months, I have lost 40 pounds! That just amazes me... but more important than that, I've gained energy and a more positive outlook on life... and equally important as that, I've gained many great friends who support and encourage me on this journey!

05/17/08 - I'm struggling with the 100+ degree temps that have hit Northern California, but I'm NOT giving up and I'm NOT worrying about what I can't control. I read this quote and it's perfect for the way I'm feeling today, "The present is what slips by us while we're pondering the past and worrying about the future (Ziggy)." I'm going to make good choices for today and the future will be bright!

05/24/08 - So I found this dress in the back of my closet today - it was a 3x, so I thought it might fit - and it basically does! It's a little clingy yet in the hips and butt, and I'll need to wear a bra that lifts in the right places to make my waist more attractive, but it's doable! I have no doubt that by the time summer comes around I'll be able to wear it! Whooo hoooo!!!

05/31/08 - So I tried on a pair of jeans today (that had an elastic waistband) that I had gotten last fall but hadn't been wearing since they were too tight... and guess what - they're not tight anymore! I can't wait to get into a real pair of jeans again - you know, ones with a button and zipper!

06/07/08 - Today I got to get "dressed up" to go to the theater. I tried on another shirt that I'd had that barely fit and I can totally rock it now! I'm finally seeing some progress with my body and that's so nice!

6/14/08 - This week marks my 4 month anniversary with Spark People. I'm very happy to report that I've lost over 50 pounds and that my BMI has dropped 9 points. This has been such an amazing journey, and I'm so grateful to those fellow Sparkers that have been with me every step of the way.

06/21/08 - I don't know how this happened... but I managed to have a good week with the scale, despite having a couple of near out of control food days (where I was at the upper end of my range) and wasn't exercising because of a sore knee... regardless, this has renewed my optimism and faith that I'm going to be able to do this... and I'm totally ready to get back into the exercise groove and really kick this fat to the curb! PS: Getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night really helps... if I can keep that up... who knows how far I can go!

06/22/08 - I woke up this morning to find an e-mail from SparkPeople saying that I've been selected by my peers as a SparkPeople Motivator. I can't begin to say how much this means to me. For everyone who nominated me, I thank you. I am so blessed to be a part of this awesome community.

06/29/08 - So I had an awesome week with food and exercise - probably one of my best weeks in the entire time that I've been Sparking... but I only dropped a pound this week. It was not what I was expecting - I just knew I was going to see two or three pounds this week... but the body doesn't always do what you'd expect. So what does this mean for me? It means I continue working hard and put in another good week! It doesn't mean that I give up or give in to temptations, or that I let the disappointment get me down. It does mean that I look forward to seeing what the scale will show me next week - after another 7 days of working hard! Never give up!

07/05/08 - I survived an overnight trip away from home with flying colors! I hadn't had any type of "mini-vacation-fun" since last September, so this trip really was just what I needed! Although I was a little concerned about what I'd be eating on this trip, I shouldn't have been! Pre-trip planning, bringing healthy snacks, and making good food choices when we ate dinner out ended up being super easy. It was actually eye-opening on how much I've learned since joining SparkPeople... and how easy it was to "be good" on the road!

07/12/08 - With today's weigh-in, I reached my second 10% goal. I may have "just" lost one pound this week, but it was a very important pound to me! I feel really good about the progress that I'm making. I went shopping this weekend and got a few new pairs of capris to get me through the summer. Last summer, I was fitting into 26/28. This summer, I am fitting into 22/24, and I even fit into one "stretchy" pair of 18/20s!!!

07/19/08 - Today's weigh-in takes me to 250. Somehow it seems like I should celebrate this number like a milestone... but all I can focus on right now is getting into the 240s! I had a good week with food and exercise and I know I'm getting stronger and that feels great. (Thank you, Marlena for starting us on Bootcamp!) I really want to thank my SparkFriends and great SparkTeams that have helped me every day to make it this far. You all help keep my focus forward!

07/26/08 - I made it to 248! Yay! Am very happy with that. However, I've had a rough day today - I've been going non-stop for a few weeks and my stress-level is code orange, at least! I need to find a way to relax and destress, because I know this isn't good for me! But no matter how crazy my life gets, I'm still taking care of myself and will keep up with my exercise and water and eat within my ranges. I owe that to myself - and I can't do anything else if I'm not taking care of me, first.

08/02/08 - So I had a really stressful workweek, ending with me putting in over 12 hours on Friday! But I came home, and I ate a good dinner and I got in 30 minutes on my exercise bike... which capped off a week of eating well and getting in my exercise, despite the long hours. I was rewarded with a 4 pound loss this morning! This week has taught me that I can focus on my health, even when my focus is needed elsewhere, too.

08/09/08 - Tomorrow will be my six month Sparkversary - and I'm coming into that date 69 pounds down and still going strong. I've certainly had my challenges, and it hasn't been "easy" by any means... but I'm still working at making healthy decisions each and every day. And that's what counts!

08/16/08 - Down two pounds today for a total of 71 pounds lost! I'm getting close to my previous low - before I gained the weight back. This time, there's no going back. I'm going to reach that low again, and then keep reaching for new lows. I've come too far and worked too hard to give up on myself now.

08/23/08 - Good-bye 240s! I had a high-stress, low-sleep, bad-sodium week... but I kept my food in the low-middle part of my range, and got 30 minutes of cardio and 10 minutes of strength training in each day this week (except for today, which I used as a well-deserved rest day), and it paid off! Now... to get my stress, sleep and sodium under control!

08/30/08 - I've reached another milestone on this journey - 75 pounds gone - for good! Still working on the three S's - stress, sleep, and sodium! I think that will be a battle I fight for a long time. But I'm still headed in the right direction and excited for the future.

09/07/08 - I've spent the last few days on a mini-vacation, and I managed to eat out twice, still log every bite, and stay within my ranges! What I didn't get done was any formal exercise... there just wasn't any down-time to fit it in, but I was active and did a lot of walking... and I had a great trip!

09/13/08 - I weighed in this morning at 233!!! I didn't weigh in last week since I was on the road, so I was hoping for a three pound drop for 2 weeks and I got 4! I'm soooo happy with that!!! Now I've got 99 pounds to go!!! WHOOO HOOOO! Can you tell that I'm excited by that? I certainly didn't think 7 months ago, that my life would have changed so much in such a short amount of time. I love Spark People and all my Spark Friends!

09/20/08 - My BMI has now dropped 14 points to 39.7 (under 40 yay!) since starting SparkPeople. I am so happy to have that number coming down. It's proof that my body is getting healtier. I have gone shopping in my closet this weekend and tried on just about everything that I own! I have a big pile of clothes that's now too big for me. It's amazing to me how much my body has changed since February. Things that didn't fit me then because they were too small are now too big!

09/27/08 - Today I'm celebrating making it into the 220s and reaching my 3rd 10% mini-goal - a week earlier than I thought I would! I was able to keep my sodium under 2000mg for the past four days, and I think that really helped. I had a rough-week exercise-wise, but I did manage to stay pretty active, and it was enough!

10/04/08 - I maintained with my weigh-in today, which is quite frustrating for me. Doing the numbers, I should have burned enough calories to lose at least a pound and a half. However, I'm not throwing in the towel, and I'm going to continue working hard this coming week. As a number of people have reminded me, your body doesn't always do what you expect it to on this journey.

10/11/08 - The scale moved for me again today! I'm so glad that I'm not stuck on a plateau! I was a little worried that I would be - but hard work paid off again! I went shopping with my mom and got a couple of pair of work pants in 18/20s! So exciting! I was in a 4x summer of 2007! I've come a long way in the past 8 months. Thank you to all my SparkFriends for being there for me along the way!

10/18/08 - Despite dealing with a mildly sore back all week and a sore knee that kept me sidelined one day this week... I got the pound I wanted that got me to halfway... and I got another pound that brings me to 90 pounds lost! I'm totally doing a happy dance! This has been such an amazing journey so far. I love SparkPeople!

11/01/08 - I know I skipped a week here... but that's because I wasn't home for my usual Saturday weigh-in. I was down a pound before leaving on a trip, so I'm getting back to normal today. I was hoping for a 3 pound loss to give me 4 pounds over the two weeks - and I got it! I was so happy that I was able to stay on track these past two weeks. I was out of town for four days and sick this past week... so my food and exercise hasn't been quite what it usually is... but I managed to do enough! I was so proud of myself while on the road! We (my dad and I) only ate out twice and brought most of our food with us so that we knew what we were getting! I even spent some time riding the bike in the hotel's little exercise room! Big change from prior years when I would have spent down time napping! I took one day off from cardio this past week because I was having troubles breathing and I was MAD! A year ago, you couldn't have paid me to exercise... and now I'm mad when I can't get in a workout! How things change when you give it your all...

11/08/08 - So despite having a "bad" week for me with inconsistent exercise and too-high-sodium most days... I managed to still lose 2 pounds. I'll take it! It seems surreal that I'm closing in on the 100 pounds lost mark... but I hope to be there by the end of the month.

11/15/08 - So I had a surprising weigh-in this week... checked it 3 times because I couldn't believe it! I lost 3 pounds! Since I didn't think that I'd personally had a very good week, this really made me happy! 99 down!

11/22/08 - Well, I did it! 102 pounds lost! I crossed over that century mark! It was such an amazing feeling seeing 210 come up on the scale. I've come so far this year by making my health my #1 priority. The help and support of my Spark Friends and my Challenge Teams (Hawks, Crushers, Butterflies) has kept me moving forward. Thank you all for believing in me!!!

Other stats: My BMI has dropped 17.6 points. I've lost 8" around my waist, 11 inches around my hips, 1" around my neck, 1.5" around my arm, and 2" around my thigh from when I started taking my measurements in March.

11/29/08 - Down 1 pound this week... Thanksgiving didn't do me in... but lack of sleep and too much sodium this week almost did! Since my stress level will ramp up at work next week during close, I've GOT to get those other "S" words under control!

12/06/08 - Despite my insane week at work, a bad week of sleep (where stress kept me up when I needed to be down), and falling apart Thurs/Fri when I didn't even exercise... I managed to drop 2 pounds this week. That seems as insane to me as my work week was... but I'll take it! Here's to sleep and a less stressful week ahead!

12/13/08 - I reached my fourth 10% mini-goal today with a 2 pound loss this week. I am so happy with that... can't believe how far I've come in 10 months. Today I was on the go from 9:30am until 8pm - with about 3 hours of sitting total during that time. No way could I have done that 10 months ago. Sure, my legs and back are a little sore tonight - but it's nothing a good night's sleep won't cure! Thank you Spark People and all my friends!

12/20/08 - So I guess being stressed out and cold agrees with me - I dropped 3 pounds this week! That makes Onederland only 3 days away with one weigh-in left for 2008! I'm going to give it my best shot this week to drop 3 more pounds! It would be wonderful to start 2009 in Onederland!

12/27/08 - I did it! I made it to Onederland in 2008! Something I didn't believe was possible, WAS possible!!! If nothing else, I've learned to believe in myself on this journey. I stepped on the scale today and cried tears of joy. I am 100% ready to face 2009 and the challenges, opportunities and experiences the new year will bring! Thank you all for your support along the way!

01/03/09 - After a rough (read bad) week for me with exercise, food, sleep, sickness... I maintained... I had thought I'd done enough to lose a pound... but today's weigh-in is a good reminder to me that it's not just about counting calories... you've got to be LIVING healthy and taking care of yourself. So back to the bike and bootcamp for me! I want to get further away from 200! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

01/10/09 - Despite another high-stress, not quite-enough-sleep week, I kept up with my cardio and strength training goals all week and was rewarded with a 2 pound loss today! Further away from 200! YAY!

01/17/09 - I lost 3 pounds this week... And although this seems counter productive... I need to find a way to slow down my loss a little bit... I want to give my skin some time to shrink, so I don't want to see 3 pound losses on the scale anymore! I'll be happy with 2 until I get to from obese to overweight... then I'd like to slow down a little more! Don't get me wrong, I'm HAPPY to be blasting this fat off my body because every pound that leaves is another step forward to being healthy... but I'd like to find a slightly better balance! So I think I'm going to adjust my goals a little bit - again!

02/07/09 - So I know I missed a couple of weeks here... busy the first weekend, depressed and about to fall off the wagon the second... and now I'm back! I did not fall off the wagon... although I came close! My SparkFriends pulled me back to reality... and I'm feeling "myself" again this weekend! Still working hard and going strong! Took a new set of photos this weekend. Amazing that I've gone from a 3x/4x to XL/1x in just under a year!

02/14/09 - I had a great week with the scale. Made it to 187 - which means that I've lost 125 pounds in a year. My Sparkversary is 02/16 - and I'm so grateful for the journey that's brought me to this place. I'm going to be posting a blog about my adventure over the past year. Thank you all for your support.

02/22/09 - So I'm posting a day late... had a rough week Sparking, which is unlike me. My teams have been so good to me as I've been pretty MIA. I'm working hard to get refocused for the week ahead! Onward, March!

03/05/09 - Oooh! I forgot to post last Saturday. I managed to get refocused last week with food and exercise but got soooo little sleep. I am always amazed at how much sleep affects weight loss, as I managed to just maintain. Sunday had a touch of the "blue funk" again but am having a good and CRAZY-BUSY week! I just want to thank EVERYONE who left me comments, blog comments, and goodies to celebrate my Sparkversary and motivator-of-the-day status! It was amazing and overwhelming and I wish I could respond to everyone personally, but I think I'd need to take an entire day off work to do it! I love SparkPeople! Thank you all!

03/07/09 - Today was a great day. I weighed in at 184, which means I met my 5th 10% mini-goal. I also broke through a major emotional hurdle and had my first ever gym session with a trainer. It didn't seem that I was doing too much until I stopped moving... and then my legs got so jelly-like when I went to leave that I wasn't sure I was going to make it to the car without falling down! Amazing how much tougher the moves are when you're really focusing, slowing down, and doing things with proper form! Frankly, I can't wait to be "tortured" again next week!

03/14/09 - Had about 50 minutes of torture today at the gym - and I loved all but about 5 minutes of it! Today was a great day because I worked up a sweat doing strength training... whew! Topped that off with 7 minutes on the rowing machine - which wasn't too bad! My legs finally felt like my own on Friday... I'm hoping that this session won't take quite so long to recover from!

03/21/09 - Jillian and Bob have nothing on Kurt... Today at the gym, Kurt got me to do stuff that I originally thought I couldn't do... you spend so long fat and demoralized, that it's hard to push past that to see that you really CAN do so much more than you realize... more than ever, it drives home to me that this weight-loss journey is at least 50% mental. So take it from me - YOU CAN DO IT!

04/04/09 - Sleep is sooooo important... I've had two weeks now without enough sleep and that causes a lack of motivation and cravings likes crazy... I'm working HARD to get my sleep back on track - because that will get my food and exercise back on track! On a happy note, the PT is helping my back feel better and Kurt kicked my butt again today at the gym, and it was sooo nice out that I even took Cooper for a walk in the late afternoon. I also weighed in today at 179. I am 5 pounds away from being overweight! I can't wait for that day to come!

04/11/09 - Did better with sleep and food this week, and made it to the gym for two kick-butt classes. Now to get my cardio ramped up again - still slacking there a little - but it was my rough week at work. Now 4 pounds away from being overweight! Got my hair cut today for the first time in about a year and a half and I love it! Feels great and she showed me how to play up my curls! Wooo hooooo!!! Have a happy Easter, everyone!

04/27/09 - I know I haven't posted an update lately - there hasn't been much to update. I've stalled out the last two weeks and have been maintaining - even though I've been doing well with food and exercise. I'm hoping that my engine turns over soon and I get back to being a loser!

05/03/09 - I am back to being a loser! Amping up my exercise last week and being really careful about my food again earned me a two pound loss! And the best thing about it - I ate a little better, cut a little junk that was creeping into my day, and FELT BETTER despite a crazy week with PT and work. Now to keep that momentum rolling!

05/09/08 - Down another pound this week! Got up early and had a great session at the gym and then did a lot of walking at a craft fair with my mom. Got a little too much sun but it was a great day. Just need to work hard to make sure I end up overweight with next week's weigh-in!

05/16/09 - So I rolled out of bed at 5am on 4 hours of sleep to begin my adventure to New York! I did weigh-in and was THRILLED to see that I did lose another pound this week! That means I'm officially in the overweight category with the BMI calculation!!! Had I been more awake, I probably would have bounced around the bathroom so much that I would have lost another pound celebrating! What a way to start a vacation! I'm now in New York, typing at the dining room table of a dear Spark Friend while waiting for my luggage to arrive... I made my connecting flight in Philly but it did not! So hopefully it gets here soon and I can crash - it's early Cali time, but not so early NY time and it was a long travel day! Thank you to all my Spark Friends who are celebrating this milestone with me!

05/30/09 - So... these past two weeks have been amazing... 2 days of travel, 8 days of blissful fun celebrating "Spring in the Northeast" with fellow Sparker Jeanne... 10 days of being mostly away from Sparks and off my usual routine... and yet I survived it weighing in 2 pounds DOWN this morning! Now, the one bad thing that happened is that I fell getting out of the tub at the hotel last weekend and hit my head HARD on the toilet (not a graceful moment) and I still have a little bump on my head and 1.5 black eyes. NOT very pretty - but it could have been a LOT worse. I made it back to the gym today (YAY) and Kurt kept me OFF the BOSU and on solid ground today when I did admit I was occassionally getting little "waves" of lightheadedness yet... but each day that's getting less and less. I hope to be back to "normal" by next weekend to take another set of photos for here. What I leared on vacation is that I can "live" and eat out and still make sure I get greens and protein and not go "hog-wild" and still enjoy living! It was a wonderful experience... now to finish getting my feet underneath me again and to get unpacked already!

06/06/09 - I ended up down two pounds this week, after having a not so great food or exercise week by my usual standards... the only thing that changed about my routine this week - sleep. I got more of it. So I'm going to continue working hard to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night.

07/18/09 - Well, it's been a little while since I've posted a weekly update... but it's pretty much been status quo lately, and no news is good news! Since I posted last, I've tried Zumba - tons of fun, even if I can't shake anything on my body independently of anything elsel! And I've bought a swimsuit and goggles, so I'm running out of excuses now to get back into a pool (other than I hate my inner thighs)! Still losing about 1/2 to 1 pound per week. And still working hard with my strength training to get toned. And still struggling with getting enough sleep!

08/02/09 - Yesterday I weighed in at 165. I read in one of my magazines that 165 is the weight of the average woman! So I'm celebrating being average this week! Next week, I hope to be below average! Today was another celebration of self - I went to a pool party at a swim club for one of my friend's kids - AND I went swimming! Yes, I busted out that new suit that's been in my closet with the tags on it for a month as I tried to work up my courage to wear it in public. What I learned today is that no one's really paying any attention to what you look like in your suit... that the kids think it's great that you'll swim and play with them... and I have remembered how much I LOVE the water! I definitely will be headed to the pool at the gym soon. It felt sooooo great to slice through the water and get my shoulders pulling me forward. So take my advise, get out there and DO IT!

08/15/09 - So last weekend, I went down to the Bay Area. I ate well, got in a little activity... then I got home and fell apart on Monday. Worst food day I've had in 18 months. Probably at 3000-3500 calories. More than TWICE what I usually eat in a day... but I got back on the wagon Tuesday. Got active - at least 45 minutes of exercise each day and got food back into ranges - even did well with sodium! Was crossing everything when I got on the scale today - was really scared that Monday was going to derail me - but it didn't! I was down half a pound! I'm glad that I fell off the wagon and got back on - now I know I can do that! I also had another moment this morning... I realized that I'm HAPPY. My life has changed so much for the better. Life is good.

08/22/09 - Took a set of "2 month" photos today... a couple of weeks late, but better late than never, right? I like my booty! Who knew? Had a good week except for sleep... someday, I'll manage that, too! Becky freaked me out with a comment today - I'm less than 30 pounds to my set goal! I don't really know what "goal" will be - but I'm still thinking that's reasonable... since I weigh less now than I did in middle school, I don't know what my healthy weight will really be! But I can't wait to find out! Life is still good, by the way!

08/30/09 - Had a stellar week (except for sleep) and was rewarded with a 2.5 pound loss! All these past weeks of struggle paid off! I'm now down 151 pounds! I've survived Week 1 of the Couch to 5K program and I have a road bike on order. And I made it through my toughest training session with Kurt yet - and I'm still standing! Sore, but standing! Now if I can manage sleep and keep my stress under control this coming week, I'll be super happy!

09/06/09 - Down 1 more pound, got my new road bike, bought jeans in size 14 and got a full night's sleep going into today! Does it get any better than that?

09/19/09 - Well it's official... I'm posting my first gain since Feb'08. I weighed in this morning at 161.5. I wish I could blame it on bloat or TOM... but this is the result of 5 days out of 14 where I wasn't in range by 500-700 calories... and 5 days out of 14 where I wasn't doing any heart-pumping exercise. All my fault for not doing what I needed to be doing. But I was back on track yesterday and today's starting out well... and I'm GOING to see those 150s in the next couple of weeks or die trying! There are definitely different challenges at this end of the ticker... but challenges aren't going to keep me from moving forward to my goal.

09/26/09 - Refocused and rebounded this week in a BIG way! Down to 158! Into the 150s, going strong, and feeling good! Bumped up my intake at breakfast a little and that seemed to help. Also got in about an hour of cardio per day and got about 7 hours of sleep a night. I now weigh less than my drivers license says I do! First time EVER for that!

10/25/09 - This past month has been TOUGH - mostly emotionally. Cooler weather set in, and 3 things from last fall/winter fit... nice problem to have, when your clothes are too big for you, but it really started to mess with my head. All those fears - of going backwards, of not being able to finish what I started, of letting go of the "fat girl" still living inside me... It all just snowballed on me and I started doing little things to sabotage myself - like binging and skipping my at-home cardio plans... but with the support of my Spark friends who helped me put it all in perspective, who allowed me a short pity party and then gave me a good butt kicking, I got back on track! And I reached another goal - of losing half of my body weight - when I weighed in this week. I might be half the person but I'm living twice the life now.
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    emoticon blog. Thanks for sharing not only your ups but your downs. A Special thanks for telling how you cover came with support & consistency.
    813 days ago
    We all have ups and downs. I am so proud of you for getting back on track! emoticon
    1407 days ago
    I'm so glad Krista posted a note in the Azure chat thread about this blog! I don't know how I missed it, but I sure I am glad I read it.

    You are amazing, Audra! What a long way you've come. You really inspire me!
    1908 days ago
    Thanks for sharing this! It's really inspiring, how far you have come!
    1908 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your story, it's very inspiring.
    1909 days ago
    Loved you post. You have done so much... Thanks for sharing.
    1909 days ago
    What a great way to kinda commemorate where you were, how you did and all those amazing victories!

    Can't wait to see your next milestones. :)

    1915 days ago
    Aloha Audra!! Thanks for sharing your story! Living twice the life is so important!! Now that you are living you can work on getting back to your goal, which I know you can!! I can't wait to get to know you more!!!! We are going to have an emoticon 12 weeks!!!!
    1922 days ago
    I have goose bumps Audra. Thank you for sharing your story and your life celebration with me my friend! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1922 days ago
    My plan and goals during this time:

    I eat pretty much what I want making sure that I get plenty of protein, fiber, freggies and water every day. I weigh, measure and track everything yet - as it's important to me to see my numbers and what I'm doing each day. I try to limit "empty" carbs and "junk foods" but I do allow myself a treat if I want it and if it fits into my calories for the day.

    Right now, I'm picking up getting 2-3 hours of cardio per week - mostly Zumba.

    I also get in three hour long strength training workouts at the gym each week.

    And I try to make 2-3 yoga classes per week.

    First 10% Goal: 281 - Reached 04/19/08

    Second 10% Goal: 253
    Reached 07/12/08

    Third 10% Goal: 228
    Reached 09/27/08

    Fourth 10% Goal: 205
    Reached 12/13/08

    Onederland Reached 12/27/08

    Fifth 10% Goal: 184
    Reached 03/07/09

    Overweight BMI Reached 05/16/09

    Sixth 10% Goal: 166
    Reached 07/25/09
    1924 days ago
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