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What Every "Sparker" Needs (A&I Polar Bears WK2)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

My assignment: Create a definitive list of what you feel every “Sparker” needs (personal trait or quality, physical item) and tell why you think that quality, trait, or physical item is important.

I don't know why I feel a bit awkward about posting this. Maybe because I think each individual needs to find the tools that work best for them. Anyway, I’m going to approach this slightly differently than the assignment has it worded. I’m going to list what I think I need, so maybe other “Sparkers” need, too, to achieve success. As so much of this is mental for me, I focus mostly on attitudes.

Attitudes for success:

Commitment (attitude about faithfulness).
Going into a successful journey to improve one’s health requires commitment to one’s future, to changing the things you can, and to making those changes consistent.

Honesty (attitude about truth).
For success on this journey to improve health, one must have simple, full honesty with oneself.

Determination to overcome difficulties (attitude about struggling to achieve).
Any journey has its setbacks, detour, and roadblocks. To achieve success, one must deal with these effectively and find the way back to the direction of health.

Persistence in the face of discouragement (attitude about doing the right thing when the desire isn't there).
We all get discouraged from time to time, but success depends on how we deal with it. If we persist in the things our rational mind knows will help us achieve our goals, then we can achieve success.

Openness to possibilities, even gifts (attitude about ideas or approaches).
For successful change to take place, a person needs to have a willingness to new ideas and new ways of thinking about things. A new, healthier way of thinking about something can be a gift.

Willingness to take risks (attitude about taking action).
Trying something different, maybe even out a person's comfort zone, can be hard, but success doesn't come often to those who do not dare to try new things, new approaches.

Gratitude (attitude about perspective).
The community of support contributes even more to our success if we focus on our gratitude for one another and express it regularly.

Resources for success:

Food scale.
The one physical thing I need for success in managing my nutrition.

Reliable Internet connection.
Required to participate on the site.

Time to track, time to check in with others, time to blog, time to meal plan, time to exercise.

Other Sparkers!
Support from our SP friends. We need one another.
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