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My Little Sugar Dog

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Last September, we had to help our 12-yr-old Black Lab out of her misery. We were devastated; we got the dog right after we moved into our present home. My children from my first marriage were in middle school and helped take care of Jo Jo Dog and we rarely boarded her when we took trips. We took her along! However, we found out in June that she had an inoperable tumor, and we watched her very carefully. We didn't want her to be in any pain. We all grieved. We still miss her.

DH had said that he would NEVER have another dog. He had been saying that for years, in fact.

The week after we lost our dear friend Jo Jo Dog, we went to our family dentist. I had forgotten, but he has a 2 -yr- old Black Lab Ellie that had accompanied him to the office. Different employees would sometimes watch Ellie. As it so happened, Ellie was outside playing ball with one of the hygeinists. DH and I stood and watched and reminisced about our dear recently departed friend.

As we left our appointment, DH said "If I were to have another dog ever, it would have to be a lab." I laughed to myself...I always felt that he would come around...HAHHAHAHHAHA

Within the week, we had located a yellow lab breeder, and brought Sugar Dog home.

This was taken fairly shortly after we brought Sugar Dog home. She was about 4 months old then. The beagle, Layla, is DS and fiance's puppy. Layla was about 9 months old.

Here is Sugar Dog after a hard day of helping me grade College Algebra exams. It is hard being the pet of a math teacher. emoticon

Here is Sugar Dog today; she was trying to beg a piece of my apple slice. Don't all dogs like apple and orange bits? She is getting her fruits! She is seven months old now, and Layla almost fits underneath her!

Sugar Dog is such a nice family friend to have. She brings us a lot of joy.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my pet.
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