Saturday, January 12, 2013

With a new chapter in my personal life beginning (my divorce is finalized Monday) and a sigh of relief that I am getting a fresh start, I think the last five weeks of P90X for this round are going to reap amazing results! If you have read my blog before, you may have read about "My Challenge" before... I have remained in the game overall in the P90X and being active everyday but the past couple weeks have been overwhelming as I am processing the last few emotions and documents as this relationship finally, legally comes to a close. I'm ready for my fresh start! So "MY CHALLENGE" is on! It's a personal workout and diet challenge that I know, if followed, will reap great results!


Days: 35 Days (Month 3 of P90X)--January 14th through February 17th

1) Continue doing P90X daily... All 35 days.
2) Run 1 mile daily (try to beat time each day from day before)... Days 1-32.
3) Do 50 burpees (time the burpees)... Days 1-32.
4) Do Ab workouts routinely (Ab Ripper X on set days and Boot Camp Abs on other days)
5) Remember P90X is TOP PRIORITY!
6) Days 33 & 34: Run 3 miles.
7) Day 35: Do 100 Burpees.

1) Eat 1200 to 1500 calories per day
2) Follow Nutrition Plan
**meal #1: 1 oz Cheese OR 6 oz. Greek yogurt.
**meal #2: 1 cup milk + 1 scoop whey protein + 1 serving fruit
**meal #3: 1 egg + 3 egg whites + 3 oz ground beef + onions + peppers + 1/2 c. salsa or marinara sauce.
**meal #4: 2 servings non-starchy vegetables + 4 oz lean meat (fish, poultry, or pork) + 100 to 150 calories carbs (whole wheat tortilla, noodles, brown rice, quinoa OR sweet potato) + 1 serving condiment (dressing or sauce... 100 calories or less).
**meal #5: protein drink + raw veggies.
3) Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day
4) Drink unlimited unsweetened tea
5) Feel free to drink 1 cup of coffee with stevia per day (or even up to 100 calories artificial creamer but keep it to one cup only!)

1) Sleep at least 6 hours per day... try for 7 to 8 hours
2) Continue following budget. :).
3) Log food and exercise into Sparkpeople. Routinely blog on Sparkpeople.
4) Plan the majority of a day in advance in my planner!

FOLLOW (usually the days off schedule, always work day schedule!)
DAILY SCHEDULE (work days/nights...):
3:00 WAKEUP (take "AM" vitamins & eat Meal #1)
3:15 Burpees then Run
3:40 P90X
5:00 Eat Meal #2
5:10 Pack Meal #3 & #4 (prepared on day off)
5:15 Get Ready for work
5:45 Go to Work
6:15 WORK (until 6:30)
10:00 (approx.) Eat Meal #3
12:00 (approx.) take "PM" vitamins
3:00 (approx.) Eat Meal #4
6:30 Go Home
7:00 Eat Meal #5
7:15 Get Ready for Bed
7:30 Relax
8:30 GO TO BED

DAILY SCHEDULE (days off when working nights...):
12:00PM WAKEUP (take "AM" vitamins & eat Meal #1)
12:15 Burpees then Run
12:40 P90X
2:00 Eat Meal #2
2:15 Get Ready for day
2:45 Do whatever I schedule: prepare meals, hang out with friends/family, clean house for myself or others.. (I usually clean my house, organize, and prepare meals overnight).
6:00 (approx.) Eat Meal #3
9:00 (approx.) take "PM" vitamins
11:00 (approx.) Eat Meal #4
2:00 Eat Meal #5
2:15 Get Ready for Bed
2:30 Relax

DAILY SCHEDULE (Days off when working Days...):
6:00AM WAKEUP (take "AM" vitamins & eat Meal #1)
6:15 Burpees then Run
6:40 P90X
8:00 Eat Meal #2
8:15 Get Ready for Day
9:00 Do whatever I schedule: prepare meals, hang out with friends/family, clean house for myself or others..
12:00 (approx.) Eat Meal #3
2:00 (approx.) take "PM" vitamins
5:00 (approx.) Eat Meal #4
8:00 (approx.) Eat Meal #5
10:15 Get Ready for Bed
10:30 (usually) GO TO BED
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    WOW! Much success to you on this challenge!
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