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Choosing a goal weight

Saturday, January 12, 2013

How much should I weigh? I'm 13 pounds from my current goal, which is 155 and a BMI of 24. Although I'm close to goal, my waist is still 36", dang it. I'm a classic apple shape, so I'm not surprised that my belly is still with me.

There are numerous guidelines for how much a 5'7" woman should weigh based on age, frame size and activity level. I want a weight that won't be too difficult to maintain with moderate activity and eating habits. I also want to lose 4" to 6" from my waist, which will be better for my health, since I'm prediabetic.

A healthy BMI in general is 118 to 159. I have a medium frame, so although 159 is "healthy" it's not going to be low enough to lose the belly fat. When I weigh 155, I am "not fat and not skinny." It's a weight I maintained for many years. The problem is, I will still have belly fat.

One time, at 18, I dropped from 155 to 140. At 140, I was slim but not skinny and had no fat around my middle. Today, I'm older and 140 seems so unattainable. I remember struggling for years in early adulthood to get back to that weight and never could.

Today, though I had an epiphany; what exactly was I doing back then to lose those 15 pounds? I realized I was using fad diets, crash diets and other attempts that would last 2-3 weeks before I gave up. Then, I'd return to a diet of junk food and an inactive lifestyle. Now, I am better educated and understand that weight loss doesn't happen overnight and that healthy habits must be sustained over months--not weeks before you can see results.

I have a thick psychological mindset that believes that I can't get under 150. I don't know whether or not this is really true. Even if it is, I look pretty doggone good at 150. So right now, I think my ideal weight is somewhere between 145 and 155. This range is about a 23 or 24 BMI and accounts for this belly I still need to lose. I will also be happy and satisfied with my appearance in this range. Anything above 155 I still perceive as overweight, so I may use 155 as my "flashing dashboard light" weight that indicates it's time to start eating less and moving more.

We will see!

Onward and downward.
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    This is tough. you have thought it out and I think you are at a good mindset. One that understands you and your body. I'm sure you will come to the right conclusion.

    1981 days ago
    Picking an appropriate goal weight was the hardest part of transitioning from loss mode to maintenance mode for me. Yeah, it was a no-brainer that I wanted to get down into healthy BMI range; but that range is pretty broad. The lower end is very low, and the upper end is probably too high. Where do I belong?

    The stuff I found online was not much help. Different sources came up with different answers for where my ideal weight should be. My initial goal was on the high end of those answers; where I ended up is toward the low end of that range. Along the way, I discovered that even though I had been thinking of myself as having a medium frame, I'm probably really a small frame or right at the boundary between small frame and medium frame, depending on whose definitions I use.

    Good luck figuring out what weight is healthiest for you!
    1981 days ago
    Hmmm. emoticon

    Here is what you can do. Once you reach your goal of 155, stop trying to loose weight and begin to maintain. With the weightloss out of the way you can start to target the body area you are trying to get to be "Perfect", Also you can try yoga! It can help you with that belly!

    I hope this helps!! emoticon
    1982 days ago
    gee you sound perfect to me . but i am not you .
    1982 days ago
    Do you have a particular size of clothes you want to wear?

    For example, I want to weight 145lbs since I have had two children over the last 5 years and am in my 30's. I do not want to wear anything smaller than a size 6. If I start to notice that I wear a size 6 and weight 145lbs, cool and if not, cool; size 6 is the goal.

    Also, the BMI is a great tool but please keep in mind that it does not take into account your shape and other factors that would otherwise say you are NOT healthy. I say use it as a guide but do not let it BE your guide...does that make sense?
    emoticon emoticon
    1982 days ago
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