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Make it Happen

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Make it happen" I see that on the huddle wall every day but what does it really mean to me. When I see it it makes me think I need to get off my duff and start doing things to improve my life for the better. I need to be the one doing some thing not just kicking back and letting the world happen to me.

One of the things I can do is step up my exercising. Doing more then just 10 minutes a day. That is what I started out doing but that was over a year ago. Recently I have been doing 30 minutes worth of kick boxing videos mostly 7 days a week. I am adding 30 minute more exercise to my day. I can do either 30 minutes briskly walking or 30 minutes on my exercise bike. I have joined the Official January Jump Start Fitness Challenge. The challenge is 4 weeks long. In week one I am doing their exercise video once a day. In week two I will do the video 2x a day and so on working up to doing the video 4x a day. I am also riding my exercise bike 30 minutes and taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes every day. This is making it happen for the exercise.

Making it happen in my diet is some thing I work on every day. I try to drink my 64 oz of water. I have two 42 oz bottles of water that I put in the frig. every night. First thing in the morning I get one of those bottles and start drinking, one is by my side all day. I have learned to love the taste of water and even have it when I go to restaurants. I feel at a lost when I don't have my water near me.

One of the other things I am doing in my diet is eating more fruit and vegetables. I love my crock pot and have been using it to make great vegetable soups. I just toss in what vegetables I have on hand a little chicken or other left over meat, tomato sauce and seasoning. Turn it on and let dinner take care of it's self. Hubby and I like to have a bit of corn bread with this meal.

I have a sweet tooth and in the recent past I was buying candy bars every day. I bought any kind that was on sale, nothing special. I would stock up with the game plan of eating one a day. One a day yeah right, I ate two, three, some times even four a day. I could not get enough of this sweet stuff. It was like I was an addict. One candy bar was not enough and five or six were not to mandy. I would go to bed with chocolate covered lips. Now I have learned to make my candy some thing special not an every day thing. Sees candy is top of the line candy in my mind and there is a store about a mile away. Once a month I make a special trip to pick up my candy. I buy only 6 pieces and I eat them slowly with a cup of coffee. Making it my special time to enjoy some thing I really like. I track this treat and do not sit alone hiding away what I have done.

One of my problem I have is binge eating and to make it happen is to stop this. I have joined a Spark Team"Living Binge Free" and get lots of support. I have started a streak to be binge free for 21 days. I was having problems with night time snacking that would lead to a binge. I tried just having one planned snack at 8:00 but that just left the door open to binging. So now after dinner I do the dishes clean the kitchen and close it down for the night. No eating no snacking until morning.

"Make it Happen" means doing things to improve yourself and your life, just get up and do it!!!

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