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FIRED UP for Friday

Saturday, January 12, 2013

This is our last weekend on break between BLC Round 20 and BLC Round 21. Six of us on two teams (the OUTLAWS and the WARRIORS) agreed to provide weekend challenges for our two teams to help keep us "in the game".

This weekend was mine to create, and I spent a good amount of time in mid-December coming up with what I wanted it to be. I chose to get us FIRED UP for BLC Round 21 - giving us basic healthy habits we could focus on starting with the letters in FIRED UP. (For those curious what this sort of challenge looks like:

Some of the items ask for us to tell our teammates or blog, so I'm putting them here and keeping track of what I've done for the other items.

(25) F = walking Buster (I don't have to - I do it purely for fun)
(25) I = CICO (posted below)
(25) R = 6:05 hours sleep last night
(25) E = French vanilla yogurt (see below)
(25) D = Elliptical up to 7 (usually 6) resistance and upped my speed, pushing 145-150 strides per minute (usually 125-130)
(25) U = Decided and told myself "I can do ten minutes straight on the stair master. " and I DID it! (Max up till now has been 5-7 minutes.)
(25) P = Previous blog discussed my plans to adjust my calorie intake and some other changes to restore some needed balance.

Range = 2210 - 2560
Calories IN = 3251
Calores OUT = 1037
Differential = 395

I've gotten to really liking French Vanilla yogurt. I've always like French Vanilla ice cream. Today I looked up how French Vanilla is different from regular vanilla, realizing I only knew it seemed more yellowish in tone, sometimes had obvious specks of vanilla bean, and tasted yummier. The difference, in ice cream at least, is that it includes egg in the ingredients - basically a custard mixed into the ice cream. In other foods like yogurt it usually just means it has a richer flavor and/or creamier texture.
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