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Friday, 1/11--Recovery Day 25/Can you help with a doggy cone?

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hi all,

We took Lady for her post-op check and we knew before the doc checked her that her bandaged ear was all swollen with blood. Getting the bandage off of that ear was awful, she had to have a muzzle on because, well it hurt. Her big beautiful basset ear is covered with hair and there was no way to ease it off. Anyway, the vet got the job done and we set up the big surgery for Lady for this morning.

The day started off rough, with me over-sleeping. Lady had to be to the animal hospital between 8 and 8:30--so my waking up at 7:30 wasn't a good plan, especially when I am needing help with things. I was all shiny clean and ready to go by 8:10 which gave us plenty of time to be there on time. I made it out the door without letting Sadie sneak by me--but when Marshall was carrying all 60 pounds of Queen Lady, the basset, Sadie rushed him and got out the door. That pup is a scamp and she is growing like a weed. She rushed out the door as she tries to do every time it is opened. She seems to enjoy the fact that the humans are all giving her a ton of attention and the only trick that ever works is to parade Lady around and give her lots of treats and hugs and tummy rubs. Miss Sadie cannot watch that from afar and she will descend upon that activity and we capture her. However, today, we could not do that because it was raining and I didn't want Lady to get muddy before her surgery.

If you could have watched the next 25 minutes of activity, you might have thought it to be an old Abbott and Costello type movie with a bit too much slapstick for anyone's taste. Marshall and Miles tried everything to catch this scamp and it was like she was teasing them. She would run up on them and then dart away. She ran down the lane and when Miles started to walk away, she came back towards him. He took off to grab her and slipped on the ice and landed on his back quite hard. He went in and got the doggy treats and she would come for one and then tease him--coming a bit closer, then darting away. In the meantime, Lady was crying her heart out in the jeep because she absolutely hates car rides. I finally had to tell the guys to let Sadie go so we could get Lady to the hospital. It was a hard decision to make, but by then, we were a bit late and this was an important procedure. (Lady's future hearing and the quality of her ear being without repeated ear infections was at stake.) The boys did as I told them and we took Lady to the hospital. The plan was for the doc to slice her inside ear down the center, clean out all of the blood and blood clots, and then suture it up and down and back and forth, leaving a lower flap for any drainage. The sutures stay in for two weeks and then it will take a while for the natural appearance of her ear to return without the tiny bumps from the sutures.

We had to drag Lady into the vet's office and the exam room. She started simultaneously barking and whining at the same time as soon as the door opened. This was breaking my heart and certainly upsetting the peace around us. (For those of you who do not know basset hounds, they are a very independent and stubborn breed. It is virtually impossible to redirect them from what they want.) The vet came in with the paperwork--anesthesia, lab work, surgery, recovery, materials, meds came to $652.00 (ouch) They were ready to take her for her pre-op labwork and she wouldn't walk--they had to drag her down the hall and they explained to me that that was why they had such slippery floors. She cried all of the way to the prep room.

After getting a promise for a phone call, I left to go home and retrieve that crazy pup. She was sitting nicely in our front yard when we got there and I told the guys to ignore her--she followed them right into the house and our front door was covered with these puppy prints from her trying to get in while we were gone. Arggghhhh. I told the guys that from now on, if she gets away, they are to come into the house and ignore her. She really loves getting people into any game and that was what the morning romp was all about.

I had physical therapy before joining Matthew for his work Christmas party. They added some weights to some of my exercises and that added a bit of pain to things. I am having a lot of trouble with my knee and despite their reassurances that this is typical and the result of the overwork by my knee after it was "resting on its laurels" when my hip wasn't working. I know that it is hurting as much, of not more than my hip and it is by far, the most annoying of the pair. After therapy and the delightful, wonderful ice packs, I stood up and could feel my knee swell and roll.

The party was simple, but fun. There was a nice, healthy luncheon with the mandatory table of Christmas cookies. (I took 3 and ate a half of one.) We played bingo and I actually won a couple of prizes--One was a snack set--a glass coke glass, a silly straw, a can of diet coke and a package of microwave popcorn. I gave that to Marshall for taking us, Matthew got two prizes as well. The other prize was a small set of kitchen items--a plastic basket with a set of measuring cups, a veggie peeler with a brush, and a plastic spatula. It was a shock to me because I never win anything, let alone twice!!

We went and took Matthew to work afterwards, picked up my husband and then took Marshall to work before we went to pick up Lady. She is now coming out of her grogginess and is really upset about the plastic e-collar (a cone) she is wearing around her neck. She keeps running into things and then won't move. She stands in one place like she just doesn't get it. She walked into the bunny cage and then stood there for at least 5 minutes with the cone pressed up against the cage. I don't know how to reassure her or give her peace. The doc doesn't want to take any chance that she will pull on her ear or damage the suturing. Right now, she is standing next to me, whining and staring at me--she expects me to take care of her and she doesn't realize that I am. At some point, she will need to lie down because I can see how groggy and tired she is. I will ask my basset hound friends if they have any advice on helping my girl with a doggy cone.

Tomorrow, I will weigh in and I also have lunch with my best friend. Micah has a morning detention for rolling his eyes and "being negative" the day I had surgery with a repeat performance on Monday of this week. He is pretty worked up about it because he has to miss bowling, but I think it will help him to remember it isn't acceptable before he does it again. (This mother notes that they told him they would cut him some slack the first time because I was having surgery and he was probably upset about that--but they used the fact that he did it on the 17th as a reason to punish him this time. I also didn't understand how they could tell by the way he looked that he meant to be disrespectful. Finally, the entire thing happened because the teacher was insisting that he work and he kept trying to tell her that he was done. Grr-rr, some adults need a different career. This is all stuff that I cannot say out loud or in his presence, because if you are a kid, you cannot act out with adults even if they may be wrong. Anyway, I am trying to do the best for him--and learning that sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do and that there are people we have to be respectful of, no matter what. (Note to self, quit thinking about a certain principal.)

That's my day--it's been busy and hectic and heartbreaking and trying, and hopefully is leading to being satisfying too. One can sure hope, anyway!!

Keep smiling!!
Gentle hugs,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • _LINDA
    I hope Lady has a full and good recovery (cringed when you described the bandage being pulled of her ear).
    My Mom always thought she was having knee problems, when in fact, it was her bad hips causing problems for them. It does get better after surgery, but will take a lot of time as who knows how long your hip has been an issue when all you can focus on is the awful back pain? The worst pain will tend to mask the others.
    Hope you can have a quiet and restful weekend..
    {{{gentle hugs}}}
    1987 days ago
    Oh my you really had a hard day today. You ought to be tired. Take it easy. Have a great day tomorrow
    1988 days ago
    What a rough day Sylvia! I can totally picture the chaos with Sadie outside! You're lucky she was home. I don't think our bassets would stay home!

    The cone... They eventually get used to it, but never like it. Gussie had to have one as an older dog and he would eventually learn to rest his head with it. It is tough because they do lose some vision and feel "blind." Just keep reassuring Sadie with pets and loves. Her poor ear!!!! That had to be sooooo painful getting the bandages off. Sending healing drool from Jolie and Ellsworth!
    1988 days ago

    Poor doggy! Yours has more of a reason than our puggle had for her cone. Ours just had a stitched up paw from running over broken glass. The cone kept her from smelling outside, so she wouldn't go potty. We had to take it off to take her out. After a few times of that nonsense, we left it off. She didn't bother the paw.

    Good job on the cookies...and the discipline.

    Get better quick!

    1988 days ago
    I have a friend who is a basset hound specialist and I will ask her if she knows anything.
    1988 days ago
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