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This is YOUR journey, take the wheel and DRIVE!!!

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Friday, January 11, 2013

I write this because I really truly care about your journeys.


Ok listen guys. You have really got to want this and commit to it. It's not about not having time enough in the day to work out. If you are doing dishes at the sink, do some calf raises. If you are loading and unloading the dish washer, do some squats. If you are vacuuming, do it with gusto. I call it Cardio Cleaning. It is possible to squeeze out a few minutes here and there throughout the day, regardless of your situation or your routine.

Work at home, work outside of home. It doesnt matter. Park farther away from the store. Park farther away from the office. Walk past it the first time and circle back around. And throw in some short little bursts. Those little burst of energy can do more for you than many more minutes of mundane cardio. It's called HIIT. High Intensity Interval Training, and you can do it with ANYTHING, even house cleaning!

Moving is good and all, and definitely has it's place in an overall healthy lifestyle, but that is not the real point of my blog. I see so many people start out all gung-ho, making really lofty exercise goals, and then when they can't keep it up, they get all discouraged and depressed. Or maybe they are doing all this exercise and not seeing results, so they get all discouraged and depressed, wondering why it wasn't working. Then eventually they just drop off the face of the earth.

So the real thing I wanted to say, is you have GOT to CLEAN UP YOUR DIET!! I don't mean diet as in something you are on. I mean diet as in these are the foods that you eat. This is a lifestyle, not something you are on short term. So until you wrap your head around that, you are always going to take one step forward and two steps back, because once you revert back to your old diet, (the foods that you use to eat) you are going to gain it all right back.

So SNAP OUT OF IT! You have GOT to cut out the junk. Cut out the crap. All the processed crap, all the fast food crap, all the sugar crap..... there is no place for that in your day to day diet of good healthy eating. Does that mean you can NEVER have it? No it doesnt. I try to follow the 80/20% rule. I save my 20% for birthdays, or evenings out with my girlfriends, you know - special occasions. But it does not have any place in my day to day, choice after choice.

But it wasn't until I got a grip on my hunger and my cravings, that I could even entertain the idea of 20% now and then. Cutting the junk carby crap & sugary crap cut my cravings. You've got to go through the withdrawals, through the carb flu, and come out the other side before you will start to feel better, better than ever. I promise you, you WILL come out the other side if you just give it a chance.

You can NOT out exercise a bad diet. So even if you had an hour a day to devote at the gym, why would you want to negate all that hard work with bad foods?! Now as you get closer to goal, fat loss will slow and you may have to up your game in the physical fitness department. However especially in the beginning, when you are out of shape, your knees hurt, and you are depressed, you have got to clean up your diet so you can clear your head and start to get the fat loss ball rolling!!

By giving yourself healthy nourishing foods, your head will clear, your fog will lift, your motivation will return, and you will have increased energy that will make you want to move more. Our bodies have been so lacking in vitamins and nutrition that it has not been getting from all the crap we have been feeding it. Give it good whole food with vitamins it can use, and it will stop begging you to feed it more. It was only wanting more because it was not getting the nutrition it needed to function properly. So the only thing our bodies could do was to ask for MORE food, hoping eventually you will feed it something it could actually use, something with enough nutrition, rather than just more empty crap calories.

So unless someone is force feeding you, there really are no excuses for a poor diet. This is something that you just have to do for yourself. No one can do this but you, so the sooner that you decide you are worth it, and the sooner you start to do this for yourself, the sooner you will reach your fat loss goals and the sooner you will start feeling better, healthier.

And for Pete's sake, drink your water!! We have been stuffing our bodies with toxins which are stored in our fat. When we start to lose fat, those toxins are released. You HAVE to drink your water and flush it out.

And for crying out loud, sleep!! Do whatever you have to do in order to sleep. Dim the lights in the evening, get dark curtains, maybe you need magnesium or melatonin, but you have to sleep. Our body works with circadian rhythms and it needs time to do it's thing. So feed it well, rest it well, take care of your body, and it will take care of you.

And yes, track! You are given an allotted bank account of calories per day. Budget and use it wisely! Would you just put money in your bank and not pay attention to how you spend it?!! You will learn which foods fill you longer. More bang for your buck. Which foods leave you hungry, which foods leave you tired, which foods make you gasey and bloated. You will learn which foods to eat and which ones you really can live without due to unpleasant side affects or maybe your britches fit tighter. And when you are close to being overdrawn, then you know you just have to eat more veggies!! A big @$$ salad. I feel that you really don't need to count the calories from veggies since veggies provide only enough glucose for their own digestion. So eat up!!! That is like FREE MONEY in your account!!!! There are soooo many veggies. And sooo many ways to fix them. It is FREE MONEY/CALORIES people!! Why wouldn't you want that?! Oh, so you don't like veggies? Have you tried them all?! There are THOUSANDS of veggies in this world, with a fair amount available where you live... and you have tried them ALL? Fixed every which way? Just don't give up until you find those veggies you like, those are your FREE calories that you can fall back on. That is your Ace in the Hole.

Then let's say you really have no choice but to eat a BIG MAC w/fries for lunch with your Boss or else they will fire you. Well guess what you need to have at dinner time?!! Your Ace in the Hole! DH wants to go out to eat? You just have to say No, I can't because I don't have the calories left for that tonight - same as when you just don't have the extra money to go eat out. You just have to wrap your brain around it, and then they will start to wrap their brains around it as well. You have to take this serious before they will.

This is YOUR journey, take the wheel and DRIVE!!!
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