The amazing jogging fat girl!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

I was to post this since Tuesday and was too lazy....anyhoo

Tuesday was my rest from exercise day and I got to thinking about all the fitness minutes I have racked up.

I jog on average 1.5 miles everytime I go out (at least 3 times per week) and then sprints/walks for the next 0.5 mile. I am getting faster and more confident. I even stick my chest out like those sprinters on the Loympics!! Man I feel good!! And when I do that last (or second to last) sprint up the *insert curseword here* hill (that goes steep, steeper. steepest then stop) and I am so out of breath till I can't breathe right, I feel like the fastest fittest person in the world...it wasn't always that way.

I remember being so conscious of the fact that I am huffing like a train when barely walking and jogging. I used to think...I wonder if these people see me and pity me cause I am the fat girl struggling to get in shape". I cannot really remember when I decided to tell the "what ifs" to get over themselves and let me be. All I know is I am glad I did cause the endorphin rush feels OH so much better

Now when I do a sprint and I am huffing and a car passes by I now tell myself the people in the car have no idea how far I have jogged and maybe they can do what I have done or maybe they cannot...but I can and that is all that matters.

So when you go to the gym and feel self confident or if you just stay indoors to workout because you don't want people to see you...remember you are awesome because you are doing something amazing..ie do what you love and tell "what ifs" to shut up because ...

it will take time but forget everyone except you

Enjoy the weekend...I have a bummed knee to nurse so I will be going to swim classes tomorrow...something on my list for at least 5 years... emoticon

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