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Friday, January 11, 2013

Here's my Weight Watcher success story from my application. It is all true, but leaves out a lot about other positive influences in my life, including SparkPeople:

When I first joined Weight Watcher in 1968, I was 19 years old and had already spent most of my life overweight. Back then in addition to 5 fish and 1 liver meal per week, you had to lose 10 pounds and attend 16 meetings to become a member of Weight Watchers. Well, I went for 14 weeks, lost over 20 pounds, and then left to become a Peace Corps volunteer in applied nutrition in India. Although I didn’t become a member then, I did gain confidence in my ability to look like someone who should talk about nutrition. And the thing I liked best about my weight loss was that I no longer felt the need to limit my movement because I was afraid people would see my fat rolls jiggle.

When my daughter approached me at the end of 2008, asking me to go to Weight Watchers with her to help her lose baby weight, I was reluctant. I had made lifetime in the 1970’s, even briefly working for Weight Watchers in the 1980’s. In total I had lost 60 pounds twice and 30 or more pounds eight times. I could lose weight, but I had no confidence in my ability to maintain. In fact at my age – late 50’s at that point – I doubted I could even lose the weight. My daughter persisted, and promised if I didn’t make progress in three months that she would drop the issue. So, I went.

Carol-Lee not only remembered me, she welcomed me with open arms. She even recognized that I had kept off quite a bit of the weight I had lost in her meeting in 1998-1999, when I started at 205 pounds. (My top weight of 212 was several weeks before at the cardiologist’s office.) I had gone back to Weight Watchers feeling like a failure, but my former leader made me feel like a success.

On my 12th week I had lost 10% of my starting weight, and in March 2009 I was back within two pounds of my goal weight. On the Momentum program I added 4 maintenance points and continued to lose weight very slowly for more than a year. I read everything I could get on how to maintain, because I knew that was my issue. Carol-Lee got down on her knees at one meeting and asked me to keep coming to meetings and I did. I kept tracking, too. I joined the maintenance message boards at [Incidentally, that is where I heard about SparkPeople.] I earned increased activity points, going from 14 a week to 28 a week. I soon weighed less than I had 30 years before at my marriage, then weighed less than I had in high school, and then – beyond my wildest dream – I weighed less than I did in junior high school with a BMI of 21.

I soon reduced my goal weight from 155 to 139 and I’ve comfortably maintained below that weight more than three years and counting.

If you see me online, you’ll recognize me as Slenderella. Dreams really can come true!!
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