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Drinking hot water stops cravings?

Friday, January 11, 2013

A friend just told me this. Has anyone tried it? Chris
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    I know Ayurvedic thoery says you should drink warm/lukewarm water. I know that drinking any water helps me eat less.
    1922 days ago
    I am curious, maybe someone has tried it or knows....
    1922 days ago
    I'll give it a try!
    1923 days ago
    Good reminder! Thank you! emoticon
    1923 days ago
    Not hot as in hot-hot, but warm water - i think the english expression is luke warm - does stop cravings for me - In swedish it is called "silver tea" - you boil water and then add nothing, wait until the temperature is slightly above bodywarm and then sip it...
    I tried indian chai tea yesterday before going to bed, stopped me from eating anything after dinner. Made it with ginger but there was sugar and milk in it so it was not completely harmless... otherwise some "you-are-what-you-eat" guru around here says that you should boil water and shredded ginger for about an hour in the morning and then keep it luke warm in a thermos and sip it throughout the day, will help your metabolism and your cravings...have not tried that but have read from many sources that you should drink water that is neither too cold notr too hot to stop cravings.
    1923 days ago
    I like to drink hot water, but just because it soothes me and relaxes me. No after taste and no caffeine.
    1923 days ago
    someone to;d me to drink hot water before going to sleep but never tried it
    1923 days ago
    I have a friend who drinks hot water but I don't know why she does. It would be no more dangerous to you than hot coffee or hot tea.
    1923 days ago
  • DEBBY4576
    Well......even if it may be a gimmick, no one's profiting from it, and I'm gonna try it!!!
    1923 days ago
    Hmm, interesting, never tried that. I just drink water, whatever its condition. But I think cold water fresh from the fridge makes me more hungry!
    1923 days ago
  • SAASHA17

    this is what i found..
    1923 days ago
    I doubt it. First, drinking hot water is dangerous because you can easily burn your mouth and tongue. Burning your tongue will damage your taste buds, which makes it harder to taste your food, which will then make you eat more because you're desperate for the normal flavors. Second, warm water will increase blood flow to the stomach, essentially waking it up. It could makke you more hungry. Third, drinking any water will help with pseudo-hunger pains because often we confuse thirst for hunger; quench the thirst and the pseudo-hunger dissipates.

    Also keep in mind that the reason people like to drink ice water is because it numbs their taste buds temporarily and they don't taste any impurities in the water. It also numbs the stomach, slowing blood flow. While this temporarily will slow the digestive system, it doesn't last long and it doesn't take that many calories to warm it up once it's inside your body. Drinking cold water often can actually cause problems for the stomach and esophagus, especially when drinking it while eating hot food.

    Basically, this just sounds like another gimmic. If someone believes it works for them, then go for it because a placebo effect is often as good as something actually working. But just because it seems to work once doesn't mean it will work again.

    The thing about cravings is that the less you give into them, the less you want what you're craving. So many people have found that when they stick to a change in diet (more healthy foods and few unhealthy foods) for several months they begin to crave the healthy foods. If they do crave the unhealthy foods, it doesn't taste the same and they no longer want it. The best thing to do is stick to the plan knowing that one day the cravings for unhealthy foods will be gone.
    1923 days ago
    Maybe. I, too, sometimes have tea to interrupt other cravings. Hot water sometimes helps my digestion, though.
    1923 days ago
    Not sure.. I sometimes drink hot tea and it really helps!
    1924 days ago
  • MIRFA71
    Haven't heard about this before. I heard about drinking cold water. Sometimes I sip cold water. It feels good.
    1924 days ago
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