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Goals for 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013

I know, this blog is a little late. I feel like every year I make these said "goals" and never follow through. To be completely honest, I am so fed up and I want to be HEALTHY.. being skinny will just be a plus.

In October, my grandmother passed away. At first, she came down with pneumonia, which did not seem to let up. As far as we knew, she only had high blood pressure and was 77 years old. Ended up she had lung disease, so she was not able to take deep breathes that you need to in order to get rid of the pneumonia. She was overweight and did not do much besides go out to eat with some ladies from church and watch Lifetime movies. I was there when they weighed her at the hospital and she was around 185-- and she said that she must have LOST a lot of weight. At 185, that is still technically obese according to her BMI. Before we even knew about the lung disease, the Doctors were telling us that since she did not have a history of being active or eating well, that it would be HARDER for her to recover.

That was when it hit me-- could this be me one day? Could I get sick and it would take me longer to recover due to my poor choices and unhealthy lifestyle? The truth is, it probably could be if I keep going down the path I have been. There has never been a better excuse to start taking the steps in the HEALTHY direction, so here is my plan:

1. Learn to cook.

I hate to speak ill of my mother, but she was not the best cook. I do not even remember having dinner every night. When I was a teenager, dinner was rarely made and it was pretty much fend for yourself. Instead of learning how to cook myself, I went out to eat with my friends or ate at work (I worked at Dunkin Donuts all through High School). I think that I got my laziness from her, and I need to break that habit FAST. The passed couple of years I have gotten better-- I make breakfast, soup, even lasagna! The next thing I want to conquer is cooking meat. I baked chicken breasts like a month ago for the first time and they did not come out half bad!

2. Become a yoga master

Okay, maybe not a MASTER-- but really good! I have NEVER been flexible ever.. so I want to be able to fold like a pretzel. I want to be able to stand on my head and balance myself in crazy positions. I think this is a great goal because I will become flexible and strong. Yoga is not to bad when trying to bring your stress level down, either. emoticon

3. Lead a more active lifestyle

I do not want to sit in front of a computer all day. That is what I do at work! I do not want to watch TV all day. I want to get out and DO things. This passed summer I went surfing (hurt my knee and have a $680 dr's bill, but hey!). I just went roller skating the other day. I go out dancing with my friends. I want to continue this, but do more. Instead of going shopping or out to eat, I want to do ACTIVITIES. On top of this I have my COAST to COAST challenge (check out my earlier blog for those deets). For the first part of my fitness journey, I want to do cardio at least 4X a week and ST 2X until I get to around 130lbs. Once I get there, I want to switch it: ST 4X a week and cardio 2X.

4. Eat Clean

I also want to look at a doughnut and not even think twice about wanting it-- I want to be able to overcome those cravings. I want to crave fruit and vegetables. I want to take things into my body that will make me strong so I can do those yoga poses. I got Tosa Reno's cookbook and one of my favorite blogs,, should be coming out with a cookbook sometime in 2013, so I can kill two goals with one stone (#1 and #4).

5. Wake up at sunrise

Another factor of my laziness is not being able to wake up in the morning. For example, this morning I wanted to wake up at 8am to go to the gym and take a cycle class.. but I was lazy and wanted to sleep on my day off. I want to be an early riser. I looked at the times of sunrise in Philadelphia, and right now it is around 7:20am. In the summertime it is like 5 something-- yikers.

I think these are all achievable goals if I have discipline with myself. Come back to see my progress!
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