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Spark Coach ~ 100 Day Plan ~ Keep On Going!!!

Friday, January 11, 2013

OK - I tried the free week of Spark Coach! emoticon emoticon It does have some great perks: I liked the gentle prodding to stay on task. I also liked the videos which seemed to fit perfectly to whatever I wrote about that was making it hard for me to do all I wanted to do. It's pretty easy to use - which is good.
But is it worth the price?
There's where I got stuck - and ultimately the decision was made for me because right now my budget is super tight (working on changing that) and something came up that took away any expendable income just as my trial period was ending... so I didn't have the little bit of money it would have taken to even do the month-by-month cost.
Now - if I knew I'd have that small amount regularly available for several months or could perhaps pay for one of the longer terms offered it might be worth it, since for me it did seem to save a few minutes here and there... and anyone that knows me knows saving even a few minutes here and there is always something I'm looking to do!
So for now - paying for SparkCoach will have to wait for another time. emoticon

Moving on...

About the same time that I started that SparkCoach Trial Week I was home developing what I'm calling my 100-Day Plan for Self-Improvement!
It involves several aspects of my life and some of those I've already had in place but haven't yet maintained consistency yet. Consistency is a major issue for me - it seems. emoticon
This plan has 7 key issues to work on:
1. Increase business building activities to grow by 30 new accounts each month.
2. Begin each day with 1-2 hours of spiritual focus.
3. Absolutely avoid GLUTEN, CORN, SOY & NON-ORGANIC MEATS!
4. Limit DAIRY, EGGS & SWEETENERS (especially sugar).
5. Drink at least 3 cups of green tea daily.
6. Exercise Daily (starting in 10 minute increments; building to 100 mins total activity daily)
7. Journal Daily ~ writing, blogging, video-journaling, using SP trackers (whatever possible to keep daily notes on progress, problems, concerns, blessings, etc for that day or day before depending on when I'm doing it).

I've outlined my time very loosely by the week. 168 hours to get it all done. emoticon
56 for sleep (of course); 40 for business; 14 for that spiritual start each day; 14 for meals & snacks; 12 for exercise/activity; 7 for religious activities; 7 for household activities; 18 for "flex-time" to use however I need it. Some days I may need more resting time, others maybe I can do some sewing or letter-writing, and this is where my SP & online (non-biz) time comes in too. Now & then I may use it for outings or trips away somewhere... the point is it's flexible... for whatever is needed that week. :) I think it seems fairly balanced.

I'm actually about 2 weeks into it already... and haven't yet been able to do all of these every day yet - but I still have over 80 days to get to that point. emoticon The goal isn't perfection in all 7 areas: the goal IS to IMPROVE each area noticeably during this time. emoticon

A few days ago I learned that my company is sponsoring a Weight Loss Challenge for 10 weeks to be completed by April 15th. I've decided to participate! emoticon Now, their plan is to promote some awesome products they make. The fiber drink they've had for awhile and I've been using it off and on. I like the taste - miles & miles above some fiber drinks I've bought at the store in the past or the ones docs have prescribed to me in the past too! They make it in an orange flavor and a peach flavor... so far I've only had the orange but now may be a good time to try the peach. emoticon Another product is an exercise bar - this I LOVE! I have not seen any sort of bar in any brick'n'morter store like this one! You eat one bar 15 minutes prior to any exercise, on an empty stomach and with some pure water (which of course you have on hand anyway). This bar will help your body burn more fat, and not have so much 'afterburn' from whatever exercise you just did, plus it helps you to have the stamina to go farther! Love this one! There are a number of professional athletes using this bar. (did I say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this bar?) And the 3rd product this challenge promotes is new - they introduced this past summer. It's a shake mix that helps you get your blood sugar under control. They have documented how it has reversed metabolic syndrome in a number of people taking it daily. One lady I know started taking it right after it came out and in 3 or 4 months time she dropped 50 pounds, got her blood sugar well into normal range, increased her energy level, and went down several sizes!
Their plan is 3 meals, 2 snacks daily - 1 or 2 of those replaced with the shake mix. Use the exercise bar each day prior to your exercise. And have one serving of the fiber drink with the last food you eat for the day or at bedtime. They prepared a 32-page booklet to give you free when you order those 3 products together or you can download a copy for free. I've already read the booklet... and found it's pretty much saying what they say here - pay attention to what you're eating - go for leaner options - watch portion control - etc. Even with exercise - don't do the same thing all the time - alternate cardio on some days and strength training on other days - listen to your body & don't overdo it. There's charts included to show you where various things should be like blood sugar, blood pressure, weight / height ratios, bmi, fat %, portion size comparisons. Overall, it's all very sound. Even has charts for tracking! emoticon So following this for 10 weeks will just fit right in with what I want to do here!

Of course, I'd love to find a few folks who'd love to do a 10 week challenge alongside me - with whatever plan they choose. All with a goal of losing 10% of their starting weight. Please LET ME KNOW if you're up for it!

So that's my update for today - 01/11/13
My 100-Day Plan began on 12/26/12
Today is Day 17 of that plan
My 10-week challenge begins on 01/13/13 with current weight & pic taken right then!
(should I post those here? should I do start & finish ( before & after) pics at the end? should I post weekly updates here? if so, with pic(s) or without? --- I'll be taking note of the replies during the next 48 hours)

All My Earthly Best,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon a great plan emoticon give yourself some leeway too.
    1930 days ago
    Great ideas! I like the idea of posting a "before" pic and don't forget to take your measurements. (you don't have to post those unless you want to). Posting both your before and after photo when you are done will show your great success.

    1930 days ago
    That is a pretty detailed plan. People who plan tend to do better than those who don't. Mine are probably a little vague, but they seem to be working this time around.

    1930 days ago
    I have never heard of anyone figuring out a certain number of hours for each activity that one does in each new day.

    You are not a machine, you are a human being.

    Each day is new and different and can be very loosely followed with the most important activities, but, please give yourself some leeway.

    What you have figured out for all the other ...go for it...I am excited for you and want you to get what you want out of doing all of this. I really hope all this works for you.
    1930 days ago
    Following you via these blogs would be nice and I def. think a before pic would be a good start. You can post before/after pics and info in a blog on the other end of the ten weeks. Wishing you success.
    1930 days ago
    Starts on Sunday? Ok, add me to your list! It'll make winter go faster and I want to be at goal again by April anyway! You may need to call me to give me a kick once in a while! Here goes! HUGS Laurie
    1930 days ago
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