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Friday, January 11, 2013

Seems like I named a post this before...

I sobbed a friend about my huge increase in weight this week and she asked what kind of scale I was using.

I have a digital, spendy kind!

She suggested two things.

a) reset the @#$% thing. It is probably registering something weird because of the tilt of the floor or something.

b) compare what it says to what a regular old fashioned one says.

So I did.

I think the scale heard me sobbing. After I reset it, magically I went back to 186ish.

And I confirmed this with the regular scale.

So I did NOT in fact gain a ton of weight.

Stupid technology. Screwing with my head is not nice. I have enough mental issues.

So far this week (since Tuesday when I went to the store) I have cooked real food twice. The first night, I made a steak and green beans. Tonight I made a sausage vegetable pasta casserole that IN THEORY serves 2. Please. I got 10 1-cup servings out of that! I can't imagine eating HALF a lasagne pan in one sitting of this stuff. It's good, but it is not that good. This weekend I will cook a few of the other things so that I have additional food for next week without the cooking. :P Some nights, I just want to come home and sleep, ya know?

So I'm signed up to run this half marathon with a SparkFriend :P I googled training plans. One, I found at competitor magazine and another friend who has run a TON of half marathons and whole marathons and coached people through them said to check out So I did. The plans are WAAAAY different. Both are for beginners, thankfully, and my goal is to finish the race (and get a PR by default!) without meeting any paramedics, surgeons, or other medical personnel on a professional level. Both are 12 week plans though, so I figure if I start soonish, the extra training time will help me be better prepared.

So we will see.

The school week was crazy, and I haven't been sleeping, but I am having a ton of fun, particularly in language arts. So proud of my kids. We're analyzing poetry and talking about it and I am so pleased that they are comfortable taking risks in their responses, and that they realize there isn't ONE right answer for any of this stuff--it's all in the perception and background of the person reading it... And we're studying Latin stems and they are LOVING every second of it!! Just so proud of them... And I like having fun when I teach :) Makes the day go faster and makes it all seem less like, ya know, work.

Been a good week overall...Can't wait for the weekend though.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I got so tired of my scale giving me a number that was so off from the previous day, I took it the the GoodWill!!

    I only go by a tape measure and the fit of my clothes. It keeps me sane!

    The cooking at home thing is hard for me to accomplish. But last night, I took a dish, cut an onion, two potatoes, and a bag of frozen carrots, broc, cauliflower, and squash, and some herbs and spices and just put it in for about 15 minutes. It was delish!! I was so proud for doing something so easy. It was good enough that I didn't care if the rest of the family had pizza, and that's saying something!!
    1924 days ago
    Scales!!!! They will be the death of us yet LOL Glad yours heard your painful crying and "fixed itself".
    1924 days ago
    Great advice from your friend! I keep a traditional scale right next to my digital scale... as my system of checks and balances!! Good luck with your goals!! You've got this!!!

    Keep on keeping on!!!
    1924 days ago
    Ha! That's funny about the scale! And, Hmmm... a good reminder. We also have a digital scale though it hasn't gone crazy ... yet. It does feel good when we actually cook real food at home doesn't it? I'm not sure why I always think it's so much harder, it's not really. Good luck on your training! I love your goals!
    1925 days ago
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