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Dr Oz Detox- Results

Thursday, January 10, 2013

So, as I'd mentioned, I have been doing the 3 day Dr Oz Detox/Cleanse program. Yesterday was day 3, today, back to chewing my food. :) Here is the program if you are interested:
dr-ozs-3-day -detox-cleanse-one-sheet

Ok, so here's the nitty gritty, I lost about 3-4lbs. I say 3-4 because I was just ending my period and seemed to be up a pound more than normal when I weighed in on day one at 117.5. This morning I weighed in at 113.5. I checked my measurements before I started, and I lost overall 4" in various areas (chest, abs, lower belly, hips).

The proof will be in the pudding within the next few days, will I gain back the most likely water weight that I lost? Or will I at least keep off a couple pounds? To me, in order to really want to ever do it again, I'd hope that at least 1-2lbs will STAY gone, as well as a couple inches. If not...I'm not sure this was really worth doing, at least for myself. Here's why, I'm already a very healthy eater, so for me it wasn't so much about eating healthier, but I really wanted to try a cleanse and see what difference it made for my body. Here is what I found:

I had plenty of energy, I was able to exercise 2 out of the 3 days no problems (the 3rd I was honestly just too busy). I felt normal, I didn't feel like I had a TON of extra energy, but also didn't feel sluggish or cranky like some others reported feeling. I don't normally drink coffee so I didn't have any headaches from caffeine withdrawls, a plus. Here is the maybe TMI part: I was SHOCKED to find out, that day #1 I ONLY peed, but a lot. But that was it. Day #2, it wasn't till late that evening around 930pm, that I had a "cleanse" if you will. Which, I'm only mentioning this because, well, I thought it was very odd. Esp. because I am normally very regular, so actually doing this, threw me off and I was sort of "behind" schedule. Day #3, nothing. This morning, I again, "cleansed", as I would pretty much normally most mornings. So...the shocker was...this didn't really seem to cleanse my system. I'm not sure if it was because I didn't really need one since like I said, I don't have issues in that department or what. Anyway, strange.

As for hunger, I wasn't ever hungry, until I literally went to bed each night around 11ish and my tummy started growling. The rest of the day I was fine. I staggered my drinks, my snack was later than my normal afternoon snack, my dinner later and I broke it up into 2 meals so to speak, one glass at dinner and the rest in the evening. I think that helped keep the hunger away at night. Ironically, by day 3, I probably could have skipped my snack smoothie, I wasn't hungry, and same with dinner.

What else? It was more expensive than planned, I really don't want to calculate it all out, but suffice to say expect to spend at least $50, more if you don't have some of the supplements, or green tea, stevia, epsom salt, lavendar oil etc. (that oil alone was $10!) As I mentioned, breakfast was my fav (nice and sweet), lunch was HUGE, two full glasses, very green, my least favorite drink but I did start to enjoy it and would make it again. Dinner, pretty good as well, but VERY ugly coming in around a murky brown color.

My plan is to keep weighing in every day I remember to for the next few days and I'll report again on here what happens with my weight. I'm sure this weekend it might get goofy, it's my husbands bday, so 2 dinners out, but will be ordering fish at least tomorrow night. Overall, I think the big thing I got out of this...WILL POWER. If nothing else, I had to learn to NOT have any extra sneaks of any snacks through out the day! Not even licking a knife when making a pb&J for my son! Or grabbing 5 goldfish when pouring my son a bowl. That alone, I needed to get back on track with. I know it will help me when at parties etc. Or at least I hope it will. Would I do it again? Maybe, depending on my weight these next few days. I honestly think, if you're someone like me and already eating lots of healthy foods, maybe it isn't very necessary. But then again, can't hurt to try it.
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