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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The goal weight I set- 160 lbs. I set it at the beginning of 2012 hoping to get there by August of 2012. Well on February 8th 2012 I reached my "goal weight". I wasn't sure just where I wanted to be. I had thought that 160 would be perfect.

(Goal Weight)

I still had curves and I looked good, but why not lose more. So I did. I ended losing another 28 lbs before I bottomed out at 132 lbs. I was beyond happy. I had never even dreamed about being that thin.

(Low Weight)

Don't get me wrong. I liked the way I looked. I could fit in a Juniors size 3, it was an amazing feeling. What wasn't an amazing feeling was being tired CONSTANTLY, endlessly hungry and to make things even worse my hair started falling out. At this point is when I had to step back, leave sparkpeople and take a real good look at myself. I realized I had taken it too far, I needed to change something.

It is funny how much harder it is to "maintain". Losing, for me, was easy. It was so easy I was to scared to stop. I felt, and in all reality still feel, that if I'm not losing I'm failing. Since my low I have put on more than 20 pounds, I was in desperate need of 10 of those pounds, the other ten, well it just tasted too good. I'm not miserable at 150 or even 155.


Ideally I would love to be closer to 140-145 but more importantly I just want to be FIT. I want to be healthy, grounded and in control. I am a mere 4 weeks out from being at, or below, my goal weight for an entire year, the same amount of time it took me to lose the weight.

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    Great decision. The most important word you emphasized is FIT. To go to an extreme, big men, football and weightlifter big on the BMI scale are way overweight, but they are FIT. Aaron Boone is a starting guard for the 49ers. He is 6' 7" and weigh 328 pounds. His body fat is 16%. He's my "dark alley walk" guy... So for you to be comfortable with where you are FIT and feel good is fantastic. Right where everybody should be.
    2224 days ago
  • KIMBERLY19732
    Very Wise!
    2225 days ago
  • WINNIE1978
    I'm glad you were able to see that perhaps your low weight was a little too low for you and adjust accordingly. Healthy is so much better than super skinny!
    2225 days ago
    I'm the opposite as you - it is HARD HARD HARD to lose weight!!! I just can't do it very well. But it is the easiest thing in the world to maintain - no problem whatsoever. I think both of those can be frustrating. I mean seriously, I'm hoping to hit the 100-lbs-lost line by my birthday on March 1st, which will mean that it's taken me 3 years and 3 months to lose 100 lbs!! How frustrating! But I can't lose any faster for whatever reason. My body doesn't let me. If I try to decrease my calories, I start gaining weight. Etc. Sigh. But really, think about it - you've lost this weight and kept it off - under goal - for almost a year now, and you're doing fantastic! My goal this year is to focus more on strength and fitness as well. One of my friends chooses a word for the year, and I'm going along with this - my word for 2013 is STRENGTH. :)
    2228 days ago
    I can totally relate to all of this blog. I find it easy to lose weight but maintaing for me was a disaster as you know. I got down to 133 pounds, and while I loved feeling so tiny and didn't have the tiredness issues you had (I was eating at lot more calories than you and exercising less) my hair also seriously fell out. I mean you could seriously see my scalp through the thinning hair. I got treatment and now I have tufts of hair growing back all over my makes me look like I have an 80's mullet cut!! i was told that it fell out through the trauma and stress I'd put my body through losing weight so quickly and exercising so much (not so much in my opinion in comparison to others, although my job is active too.)

    I think that I'm aiming to get back to 140-145 again.....but it's going to take until at least July if I lose weight at the same rate as last year .

    You look fabulous in all the photos. The woman side of me prefers you at 160 with the curves, and the dancer in me prefers you at 132!! So, somewhere in the middle should give you the best of both Worlds!! emoticon emoticon emoticon

    2228 days ago
    You are amazing, period. emoticon
    2228 days ago
    interesting how our goals change - finding that sweet spot is not as easy as it looks, but you've done a good job of honestly facing the dilemma and dealing with it!
    2228 days ago
    I love this post and your honesty. I can lose, but I don't think I can 'plateau' as easily as some people can- maintaining an even weight day after day after day. I lose, I gain. It's a cycle for me. It takes a strong person to reflect on ones health and weight and figure out what is healthy for yourself. Good job!
    2229 days ago
    I can totally relate to your blog! I was 175 lbs when I started on my healthy lifestyle journey. I got down to 130 lbs. People at work kept asking me if I was still losing and even my husband thought I was too skinny. My "new" clothes just hung on me. (I also thought I was too thin.)

    I put 10 lbs. back on and decided that 135- 140 lbs. is a good range for me. I can still eat what I want and with my normal exercise routine, stay in this range. At this range I like the way I look and I like the way I feel!

    I'm SO glad that you looked at yourself and came to this conclusion on your own. It really isn't about weight loss, but a healthier lifestyle. This slapped me in the face when my oldest daughter was diagnosed with an eating disorder last fall. We found out that she'd had it for four years. She's doing better, but boy did it make me reanalyze healthy weight loss.

    Thanks for the blog! I wish you all the best. emoticon
    2229 days ago
    I LOVE that this is SO honest. I can't imagine too many people would admit that being too thin, was uncomfortable. I'm glad you're finding a weight that's best for you, and I think you look awesome! you've done an amazing job at maintaining as well, congrats!
    2229 days ago
    Wow...good for you. How much were you when you started? I've set 165 as my goal but ideally I would just like to be healthy where eer that takes me. Be careful not to give up on maintaining and start back into unhealthy habits....that's my history; yoyo is soooo easy to fall off the wagon for me.
    2229 days ago
    I am at maintenace in WW, a goal I set for myself, but want to lose just 10 more lbs. You look good so maintaining would be a good goal for you. Keep up the good work.
    2229 days ago
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