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2013 plans & goals

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm behind on getting these in print because I've been busy working on my goals! My first goal for 2013 is to read one fiction and one non-fiction book every month. Already done for the month!

emoticon Another goal is one DIY/pinterest house project. I'm into 3, including a race medal holder. I spray painted it. Now it needs some funky hooks.

emoticon goal 3: Healthy meals for the whole family. I am guilty of giving my kids cereal or mac & cheese for dinner far too often. These deserve better. I finally took the time to find clean, freezable, family friendly recipes. It took most of Saturday, but as a family we put together 30 meals. 30!! I highly recommend giving this a try.

emoticon goal 4: run 1,100 miles
and I want to run fast!
My current HM PR is 1:54 which is 8:42 pace. It was last May on a beautiful and extremely hilly course. Last summer was full of tri training, which made me a faster runner come Fall. At the Twin Cities 10 mile in Oct. I averaged 8:12 pace. And in December I added some treadmill speedwork to my weekly routine because of schedules and ice and life. At first, I HATED it. It's growing on me to the point where I may even say I look forward to it. Well, I look forward to the feeling when I'm done, that is. Not sure yet if it will make me faster. With all that in mind, here's time goals:

I know I can do it goal: 1:52 is 8:33 pace

weather is great, I really push it goal: 1:49 is 8:19

everything is perfect, long term running goal 1:45 is 8:01

DH and I will be running the Twin Cities Marathon on 10/6/13. My dad said that Grandma's was his last. It will always be very special that I trained for my first with him. The good news about him not running is that he is a cheering maniac and will pop up all over the course. I'm sure he'll run a few miles with me too. I'm already excited!

I ran Grandma's in 4:04, 9:19 pace. TCM is a more difficult course, but I will have a lot more experience and hopefully more speed by next October. I know I shouldn't give myself time goals until closer to the race. I know I should have the pace of my LSD runs, but if you know me, you know that I've thought about these times since the day after finishing my first 26.2

3:59 is 9:07
3:56 is 9:00
3:52 is 8:50
in my wildest dreams: Boston Qualifying time is 3:40, 8:24 pace
(or 3:45 when I'm 40! But it'll probably change by then) I don't expect to do this. I just want to know the times

DH and I gave each other race packages (4 HMS) for Christmas. It was an awesome deal and how cool will it be to celebrate throughout the year. He already ran one of his on 1/1. Next up is 3/16 we'll both run Get Lucky. I am officially in training mode again and loving it.

goal 5: swim and bike for cross training and new challenges and fun and peace. Right now I just want to get in the pool once a month. (January done!) I wish it fit in my schedule better, but it doesn't. I'll make bike plans once it's Spring. I tried to fit a spin class into my schedule and that also doesn't work right now

emoticon goal 6: keep up the ST! especially the heavy lifting. This is totally growing on me, just like the speedwork. Maybe it's because I'm changing up my routine. Maybe it's the new challenges. Maybe it's because they make me feel like a fierce bada$$! whatever it is, I'm gonna keep workin it.

emoticon goal 7: balance! I have already scratched a few races from my calendar. I love working out. I love training. But I love my family more.

emoticon goal 8: Stay in maintenance range. I hate that I am a typical American and am up 5 lbs. from Thanksgiving. Pants are tight and I don't feel my best.

emoticon emoticon I hope you are checking things off your 2013 goals. emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    emoticon plans & goals
    As I made 2013 is the year of running for myself - guess we have to train hard, run strong and have fun! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    Best of luck on all your events this year!
    1914 days ago
  • DMA215
    Love to see such a well rounded list of goals! Time for me to set some goals for 2013 for every aspect of my life....a little late for new year's resolutions, but better late than never haha
    1916 days ago
    Boy those are great goals. It'll definitely make for a a full year.
    1922 days ago
    WOW! those are some goals. It looks like you will achieve all your goals. emoticon emoticon
    1922 days ago
    that is one impressive list of goals!
    1926 days ago
    Love the goals... and the part about loving your family! It is such a balancing act... looks like you are getting a hold on it though. I bet you will qualify for Boston... and I know for a fact that the treadmill can make you faster if you use it for tempo runs! There is no cheating on that thing!! Good luck and run happy... very happy! emoticon
    1926 days ago
    Can you believe my goal list starts with book reading, too? I initially had a yearly goal of 50 for this year but with certain things having happened which prevented me from reading the past two weeks made me reconsider...
    Your goals? Doable, exciting, impressive! I'm sure you'll do your best to reach them and you may even surprise yourself by exceeding your expectations! I'll be right here to support you and cheer you on in every way that I can!
    Good luck and thank you so much for the inspiration!
    emoticon emoticon
    1926 days ago
    Everything sounds so awesome!

    It put a HUGE smile on my face to read that you are looking into the Boston qualifying time. I just know that this is something you will accomplish:)

    Thank-you for sharing all these goals. I love reading about them and look forward to hearing about your year.

    Cheers sister!
    1926 days ago
    Love your list - especially the balancing goal! already run fast!!!
    1926 days ago
  • OPTIMIST1948
    Wow. What a good idea. Im so tired of making things and having family look at me funny. Worth a snowy day...
    1926 days ago
    Wow, you're fast!
    1928 days ago
    Amazing. Love them all.
    1929 days ago
    Great goals!! I have no doubt that you will accomplish and exceed them all! You are such an inspiration! And wow on your times!!! Such a speed demon!!
    1929 days ago
    GO! GO! GO! GO!
    1929 days ago
    These are fantastic goals - you are a rock star! It felt great to get my goals written down (though I can only seem to manage to tackle one at a time). I've seen reading on a couple of lists now and it makes me think that I need to add it to my next list - I love to read but rarely make time for it. Happy 2013!
    1929 days ago
    You have some great goals for 2013! emoticon
    1929 days ago
    Well done setting and reaching for those goals! I can read the enjoyment and excitement you feel about the races! Happy for you! Love that you run with your hubby and also trained with your dad. I started running with my, if only my hubby would get on board! Great job on all you're doing. I know you'll lose those 5 lbs soon and reach higher and farther in your fitness.
    1929 days ago
    LOVE the goals! Very reasonable and attainable! I am always scared to list out time goals but I think laying it out there sets the bar - and I know you will achieve them!

    30 recipes - that is impressive! I am guilty of doing the same thing with my fam, now I am trying to at least do Sunday dinners healthy for everyone. This is a great idea!

    Here's to a great 2013!
    1929 days ago
    Wow, you have some set of goals. You are awesome! I'm tired reading this...:)
    1929 days ago
    My prediction: You'll meet all of your goals and exceed your expectations on at least a few of them.
    Wow... having 30 ready-to-go meals that are actually good for you is HUGE! I'm super impressed that you took the time to get that all figured out. If you ever reel like sharing your list of recipes, I doubt I'm the only one who would be thrilled.
    Oh, and good for you for seeking balance! Your kids will appreciate that!
    1930 days ago
    Wonderful goals--big enough to stretch you but attainable, too. Way to go on getting started on them already!
    1930 days ago
    Great Goals!! Inspired me once again to get mine written down!
    1930 days ago
    You are a bada$$! Keep up the ST it will pay off in injury prevention.
    1930 days ago
    That's a fast full! I have run a 1:50 half but only 4:15 full.

    Sounds like a great plan. Train hard, run strong and have fun!
    1930 days ago
    Great goals! I too am a typical American! BLAH! Lets run 2013 down!
    1930 days ago
    Awesome goals!!!!!
    I am concentrating on half marathons this year, I want to see how much time I can take off my PR too!!! I think I might need to wait until I'm 70 to BQ!!!;-)
    1930 days ago
    oh please show us a pic of your DIY medal rack!! I have one on my wish list.

    THat's some AWESOME running, and amazing times!!

    Guily of #2 too. THanks for the tip!!

    I'm with you on #8!!! but am excited for this new year!!!

    1930 days ago
    Fantastic goals Maura! And it's great that you've already accomplished some of your monthly goals and it's only the second week of the month! I would LOVE to know some of the recipes you found. I've been spending lots of time looking at recipes too... for slow cookers, batch cooking, freezable, etc. I've tried 2 out and they just didn't turn out well, frustrating, but I'm still keeping at it. Can't wait to hear about your smashing all your goals!
    1930 days ago
    Great goals! This is awesome! A 1:45 HM is my dream time, too. ;-) Good luck this year!
    1930 days ago
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