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My Tri-A-Triathlon Blog - finally posted from last August....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Me – Very Bad Blogger it should have been posted a long time ago. However, if it can encourage someone to challenge themselves for 2013 even better !

My Tri-A-Triathlon – Saturday, August 4 2012

On Saturday August 4 2012, I participated in my first ever “Tri-A-Triathlon” which entailed the following: Swim – 200M, Bike – 20 Km and Run – 2 Km.

Had I trained? Yes, but not enough in one particular area – Swimming! In all honesty, the most difficult thing of the whole event was the weather; it was extremely hot & humid. The temperature registered between 98 and 104 degrees with 65% humidity. I had brought a little cooler filled with: Four 500 ml water bottles, frozen water/PowerAde zero mix bottle for bike portion, frozen PowerAde Gummies: Strawberries and Banana flavor, frozen 1L water bottle and two hard boiled eggs.

On the Friday night I had prepared everything, checked my bike when hubby decided to put some air in my tires. Well, he put in too much and one of my tires blew-out. I panicked going: “OMG, I have a flat” it was already 19:00, rush to store, get new tire, got that fixed.

Saturday morning I was up at 04:45 and I had to leave the house by 06:00 to be able to get some parking because I had no idea where the event was even if I live in the region. Luckily, I got there at 06:30 got some parking in the closest lot to the event. I walked around picked-up our event kits, my niece and twin sister arrived. My niece and I walked around, went and got our timing chips, we did our markings we were so excited it was our first Triathlon.

The start time for our event was 10:07, as indicated at the orientation session we headed to the beach to wade in the water for our bodies to be accustomed to the water temperature. Then next thing we knew we were off, my main fear was getting water in my left ear (**see note at end of blog) I struggled in the water because I had to wear the event issued bathing cap, which did not cover properly my ear, thus, I felt the cold water seeping in my ear. At one point, I did not think I would make it I was freaking out, there was a woman that kept hitting my legs but my niece and I would encourage one and another. Finally, out of the water we had to run 1.2 Km to the transition zone.

Do my thing, put on the socks, the running shoes, helmet, do not forget strap if not will be disqualified. Shoved 2 gummies in my mouth and some water, oops forgot to put on top, which cannot leave transition zone without top again would be disqualified. You know the saying “Pedal to the metal” well, I biked that 20 Km like the wind! I looked at my computer on my bike I was reading 4.9 K, then 10 K I am saying to myself OMG I am half way done. I had started my Polar in the water it could not be I would finish in less than 2 hours or less.

Got distracted by some volunteers as I was coming in from the bike part, I did a small loop I should not have. Got to the dismount zone, helmet off, tried to drink some water/PowerAde nope, I was too hot it was not going down. I started running while putting on my running cap. I swear it was the longest 2 Km of my life, the heat, the sun, no wind, no water and no music!

All along the way, I was being encouraged by all, athletes, friends and their families. There was two men in particular who were doing the Olympic Sprint Triathlon; they both encouraged me on the bike part and the run part.

A couple of lessons learned:

1 ) Swimming: Train more;
2 ) Swimming: Wear my own bathing cap under Event issued-one;
3) Wear a sleeveless tech shirt especially in hot weather;
4 ) Practice drinking from water bottle on bike;
5) Practice running without music *big sigh*

I usually do not promote products but I have to say Body Glide for Her works amazingly well. I was scared I would chafe underneath my arms, sides of sports bra and especially my thighs where the chamois was even though my bike shorts are equipped with a fast drying chamois. The one I purchased came in the form of a stick, I applied it everywhere I felt material *lol*. With the extreme heat and perspiration it worked AWESOME, no redness, no soreness, nothing !

My official time was 1:02:54 – I came in 3rd out of 55 women in my age category.

Will I do it ever again, really don’t know but never say never !

(** ear note: At the age of 19 I had major ear surgery a 18 hour one. My ear canal was made bigger which also means as soon as water or a gust of wind hits my ear canal I get vertigo so while in the water I can blackout, vomit and even drown, you know all the fun things you what to happen to you.)
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