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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I did it!! I've now gone 42 hours without any sweet food or drinks; no sugar, no Splenda, no diet drinks, no dried fruit, no juice; only water, skim milk, black unsweetened coffee and unsweetened tea/herbal tea to drink. Yes, I know there is lactose in milk and fructose in fruits but I'm not counting natural sugars in healthy foods. Funny, but I swear the baby carrots I had last evening tasted really sweet, when just a couple days ago two Splendas in my coffee I could hardly taste and wanted more. The apple I enjoyed yesterday tasted really good, too. I believe this challenge to reset my sweet perception and tame my sweet tooth is working. So the SparkCoach challenge speeded up my progress on the Official Tame the Sweet Tooth Challenge. I do expect this challenge to require real attention for the next month, and then ongoing intermittent attention.

The SparkCoach challenge today is to tell someone about my goals. I blog about my goals and progress all the time, so no big deal. One goal I'm currently working on is extending my streak of days sticking to my calorie range. As of yesterday, I was at a new personal record since I've been counting of 8 days. Two of those days I ate every calorie coming to me. I also have a goal to get to a weight of 126, fluctuating 124-129 rather than the 128-133 range I've been in for the past year. Although my lowest recent weight has been 128.2 and most days I'm 129.something, I have kept a middle two on the scale every day this year so far. So I feel like I am making progress.

This morning I challenged myself to run a treadmill 5K in under 30 minutes. I think I slightly miscalculated my interval speeds. I ended up making the 3.1 miles in 30 minutes and 12 seconds even though I ran the last minute at 7 mph. Most of it I ran 6.0-6.5mph. That is good enough to bring a smile to my face anyway! I'll break 30 minutes next week. Don't know if I can break my PR of 28:28 or not, but probably will take a race to come close. I amgoing to try.

Did a good strength training session today. My personal trainer is still not back to work following his family emergency. I will be setting some goals for strength training after I complete his assessment and receive his recommendations.
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