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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am feeling very blah today. I weighed myself and the scale hasn't budged. It snowed for most the night and we have quite a bit of the pretty white flakes everywhere. And it is cold! All I want to do is sit by the fire with my blankey and watch the snow fall while I stare blankly out the window. But I am not going to give up like that. Maybe I am not feeling all full of vim and vigor and I am discouraged about my weight, but I do have a plan....

At the end of November, I heard JJ Virgin on PBS and she said to eliminate eggs, soy, peanuts, gluten, dairy, corn and all added sugars for 3 weeks. I did it for 3 days and lost 4. 2 lbs. I couldn't sustain this elimination diet any longer, so I went back to eating whatever I felt like for the month of December and gained back 2 pounds. That was very stupid of me! I think what I will do is eliminate all seven of these foods again and see what happens. If I start to lose the weight immediately than I will know that one or some of these foods are making me weight loss resistant. Then I will slowly add these foods back one at a time and watch what happens. If there is a food in my diet that is holding me back from losing weight, I want to know so that I can plan my meals accordingly and get on with losing weight. I have a feeling it might be dairy, which I love! But we will see.

Also, because of all the snow which continues to fall, I am going to change my plan for exercise today. The yoga studio where I attend has a class scheduled for today, called gentle yoga. That suits me just fine! At least I am doing something. Right? Also, I think I will try and go outside for a little stroll through the snow. I won't be able to move too quickly, but at least I will get some sunshine and fresh air.

This is a big step for me. I tend to be an all or none person. Normally, when the scale doesn't move, I give up and binge. This is hard to admit, but I want to make myself accountable, as embarassing at it is. Also, when it is cold and snowy all I want to do is hibernate, but I will do something even if it is gentle and easy, so that I keep the habit of exercising.

To all of you who are living near sunshine and heat, I am envious.... enjoy your day!
To emoticon those of you who are living in a cold, snowy climate and are feeling discouraged, I can relate......hang in there!


OK...change of plans! I headed out and only survived for 15 minutes. The snow is deep! None of the roads, sidewalks or pathways have been cleared. Not a creature was stirring. I saw no one! I had to carry my dog because the snow was as deep as his height. Well I tried! I think I will do the treadmill and my yoga practise at home. The roads are a mess....not a day to go anywhere!
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    I had the winter blahs, yesterday, too! So today I wrapped myself up warmly & said if the temp. gets over 45 we are walking! LUCY pup was thrilled, until she felt the cold wind come through! We live in the SW & are used to temps of 110! This IS VERY cold for us! WOW! & I just accumulated!

    Also, I'm making a place for me to do ZUMBA inside our home. I hate not being able to go outside, it doesn't happen very many times! SO I KNOW I have to keep moving!

    Good luck to you, too! Work in some active playtime, then grab your blankey & read! It's OK!
    1926 days ago
  • LIS193
    No sun here either in north western Mexico - so I know how you feel. I want to curl up with a book, blankie and a pot of tea..
    I did my yoga (download on laptop) first thing and got some work in the office done which included a few trips up and down the stairs.
    Hope you can get some movement in - SP has tons of great online videos!
    1930 days ago
    So sorry to hear that you are blue. Watch a funny movie......but for sure get moving girlfriend. get on that treadmill.....I know, I know...not feeling like it but I promise, once you get moving and accomplish a work out you will feel so much better!
    I for sure gain weight if I eat sugar, bad fat, processed foods, too many white or light carbs. I do so much better with fruits, veggies, oat bran and such.
    Hope eliminating helps.
    Make it a good can choose to do it.
    1930 days ago
    I am interested in the outcome of this food experiment you will be doing, keep us informed please. I wonder if I hace a low grade allergy to some foods like these.
    1930 days ago
    emoticon Well, I was going to say that Days that begin with "Blah" do get better if I can get some Activity in. But I see that you figured that out!! Congratulations on your Short Walk, and Carrying the Poor Dog! I hope that your Video and Yoga banished the Blahs Completely!!
    1931 days ago
    I love the snow...from a distance! I couldn't live in a cold climate because I would hibernate all winter. When it got down to the 40's here I barely wanted to leave my house!

    On the elmination diet - were you eating less calories which caused you to loose weight or do you think it was one of those foods? I think I am dairy sensitive but am reluctant to give it up and see because it is in EVERYTHING. I am interested to see how it works for you and maybe I'll get the courage to try something like it.
    1931 days ago
    I am envious of your snow! We have dreary, cold, rainy blah weather! A lot of the time it's too hot or too cold to exercise outside so I do a lot of my exercising to DVDs. I don't have access to gyms or workout facilities.
    I'm glad to see that you have your routine worked out for what works for you. That's terrific! Keep it up!!!
    1931 days ago
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