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It never rains

Thursday, January 10, 2013

No, really, it never rains here. emoticon Okay, it's rained seriously once in the last three years.

But I was speaking metaphorically. I. Am. Swamped.

Snowed under.

Up to my eyeballs.


Work, health, housework, kid, etc... Sometimes I don't do anything because I just don't know where to start.

I'm doing all this unpaid work, and just as I finish one thing, two more pop up needing attention. I'm dropping balls all over the place. I've been working at a frantic pace all week and haven't managed to keep up. Oh, and I have to take work home, and I have a webinar tomorrow, and a half-day professional meeting on Saturday. Oh, and I have to download and teach myself a new software program to get the weekend work done. Sigh.

I was working out pretty regularly and eating FANTASTICALLY. Was. Yesterday, I didn't work out. I had that informal interview with a potential new boss. (I liked him a lot. I think he liked me. I am hopeful. Cross your fingers for me.) Then I had to pick up the kid, who needed to eat. We went to the mall, where I ate at Wendy's. I had a single cheeseburger, french fries, half a diet Pepsi. And... A Frosty. (I'm sorry - we didn't have a Wendys until about a year ago. I just can't resist.) And then went home and ate digestives with peanut butter and chocolate chips. (No real excuse for those. I just wanted them.) I ate more yesterday than in the previous two days combined. That said, my calories yesterday were just over 2000, so not that bad. But they were fatty, salty, very very bad calories.

But that was the first bread I've had since January 1st. Only the second time I've had sugar. So, not that bad.

Today there was no gain. I had expected to see one from the salt if nothing else. And I've been so busy today, it's been all I can do to inhale the bits of food I've had: boiled egg whites (1 whole egg), fruit, cottage cheese, nuts, coffee. I think that's it.

I'm going to RPM tonight. I haven't been in months, so it's going to hurt. A lot. Especially the sit-bones. LOL. I'm only going because my colleague said her resolution was to get to the gym, and she had only done it once. I suggested she take some classes at my gym (where she used to be a member), and this was the only one that fit her schedule. It doesn't really fit mine, but I'm going with her for support.

So I'm staying late at work, at the beginning of the weekend, and going to a class I don't really care for. Afterwards, if I'm feeling up to it, I might do a Pump class, too. If not, home to a smoothie and relaxing on the sofa with the cats. (This is more likely than Pump.) It will be quiet, as DH will have taken DS to soccer. I might even manage to read today's paper - today. It would be the first time this week. LOL

Have a good Thursday, everyone!
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