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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My sleep issues are not being able to fall asleep after I've been woken up. Today I feel nauseated, so it's hard to get comfortable laying in the dark and trying to get back to sleep. Usually, I put on my mp3 player and allow it to lull me back to sleep (that way I don't disturb hubby either).

I wake up most often due to him stealing the blankets, turning over and "smacking" me with his hand, or his making lip-smacking noises &/or snoring. Tonight it is his noises and my anxiety keeping me up.

Anxiety--a load of it just dropped by--last minute training for Outdoor Education for Girl Scouts, along with having to plan this mock trip for the weekend (with a 5 hour practicum exam) and having to finalize the requirements for our real trip have created a time suck, especially as the training seminar ran late and it's about 45 minutes drive one-way. (Not complaining, explaining) In addition, the kids are back to school and a few post-school errands went awry, resulting in more time to complete the errand (eg, the clinic where we went to buy my daughter's glasses did not have the sports goggles she needed, so we had to another location and commute traffic around here stinks). And finally, I have the contractors ready to install the new glass to replace our broken door, but that means I can't leave the house and make some of the purchases I need to prepare for the mock camp. Add to that the computer form errors that have arisen due to the website malfunctions, delays/phone calls/additional emails related to GS registration for a class that really should have only taken 5 minutes, but ended up being more than an hour and it just adds to my anxiety.

The girls just started new soccer teams and the practices mean I have to reschedule piano lessons because we are at the practice field from 5:30-8:30 and there is a 30 minute commute each way! When hubby is not working late, he will come pick up the little one so she can head home to do homework, and I'm discussing with another mom about how to get my other daughter there a little later so she does not have to stay the whole time and can manage her homework a little easier too. It stinks to have no activities the other days of the week and everything on one long evening. It alters our eating schedule too--must work on figuring out what works there soon. Good news though is that once my younger daughter is on her way home, then I walk the fields and walk the fields some more--helps me to stay warm and gets in some additional activity and peace of mind/contemplative time. I love it!

Anyways, back to this week: I have been working every available minute and not wasting time on forums, my knitting/crocheting crafts, nor watching basketball--but trying to tackle my to-do list in all of my spare minutes, and I'm still falling behind. No wonder I have some nausea too--my husband is doing what he can to help when he's not working and I'm reaching out to others to help me where it can be done too, but I sure am looking forward to this test being over so I can get back to a less erratic sleep schedule. I already have so much trouble getting in a solid 6-7 hours, and this week is making me foggy-headed with the additional items on my to-do list.

Next week with the camping will also affect my ability to get some regular zzz's, but I think there will be downtime while the girls are in their activity units, so I won't feel the stress so much. Having been to this same camp the year before, I do expect to come home pretty exhausted that weekend - and guess what, then Girl Scout cookie pre-sales will be in full swing. I shall pace myself for that.

This week my older daughter will be competing in her school spelling bee, representing her class for the third time in three years. I'm hoping this will be her lucky year that she moves beyond third place and makes it to the next level. Send her good vibes on Friday, please!

And now that this entry is written and I've had a chance to "offload" a few of my worries over getting through this week of activities, I'm heading back to bed and hopefully will now have a clear mind to fall asleep quickly and get a few hours of rest before everyone is up and about for school (and of course, it is a little earlier since my daughter wasn't able to use the computer yesterday since I was working on those now overdue forms I had just found out about the day before--so she will be completing homework before heading to school). Poor kid--she was not wasting time either yesterday--just some days it is too much. We want the kids in sports, but it stinks when the limited availability of the teams for the sport they want to play affect our scheduling balance SO much! On the bright side--just seven more weeks for this team and also both kids have amazing coaches and have already learned so much in just one session.

Good night!
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    Whew! You just made me tired (with the list of things you have to do to). Maybe I'll go to bed again, too! Just wanted to say I'M SO PROUD OF YOU FOR CHECKING IN HERE ON A REGULAR BASIS! Great job, kid!
    2570 days ago
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