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Rejoicing over the small things

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I have to say that I'm really proud of myself today, that I could not contain myself. It's nice working on a college campus, because I'm able to walk to places, like the cafeteria, instead of staying in my office for hours. I decided to walk to the cafeteria for lunch. Well today, I notice a sign with a Stop Light on it. The Stop Light indicated that Green was healthy choices, Yellow was food choices that you need to proceed with caution, and Red was food choices you want to run for cover. Well, I ended up going to the Chinese counter, where it was considered Red. Now before you judge my choice, let me explain my lunch! I noticed that there were fresh veggies there. So, here's what I had for lunch: Chicken, snow peapods, broccoli, celery, & onion. That's all and it was the half size for only $2.93! No fried or white rice, which I would have typically had with my Chinese cuisine. Trust me, I got some strange looks, even from the cook who created my stir fry. Additionally, I went to the salad bar and added some mushrooms. Then, I went to the coffee counter for a medium size hot green tea that I sweetened with Truvia. I walked out of that cafeteria with my head held high and shoulders back! I was completely proud of my food choice!

I was so proud of myself, that I ended up treating myself to a at home mini-facial. Why wait until the weekend to treat or reward myself? This little decision was worth the reward! I am truly a Woman on a Mission.

Another thing for me to rejoice over is the fact that I'm mother's personal coach! Well, maybe not exactly a personal coach, but I do push her to be healthy as well. Lately, we discovered Face Time on her iPad and on my iPod. I came up with the idea that I would Face Time her when I'm ready to workout in order to encourage her to workout also. Well, tonight was our first night doing this. After my Firm workout, she Face Timed me to tell me that she was ready. She ended up getting on her Treadmill and I got on my Treadclimber. After, the heavy breathing and the sweat, we both ended up doing a mile in about 20 minutes ( I actually ended up doing a total of 25 minutes). I was so proud of her!

So, no matter where you are in your weight loss journey, do not despise the small beginnings or achievement. Instead, rejoice over them! Remember, you are worth the effort, no matter how big or small!

Now, I'm off to bed in order for me to keep up my challenge of getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night!

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