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Two blogs in one day?? Oh my! I need help this time...

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

So this is pre menstrual week which is also my second week into my "new me" plan and attitude. These types of weeks are the freaking hardest to get over because I feel like I'm non-stop hungry. I've tried drinking water, I've tried having a banana or some carrots.. but my body wants salt and chocolate and cake and ice cream and everything all at once. it's not like if I have a portion sized bowl of chips my craving will be satisfied either.. it's "okay this bowl was fine.. but let's see what else we can stuff in here!!" This is the type of week where I could very easily eat upwards of 6000 calories a day and still not be satisfied.

So.. what do I do? I get through the day fine but once night hits that's when i feel like I'm starving. No amount of rational thought (I can't be hungry! i just ate!) works. I can't exercise at night because then it takes me forever to fall asleep. I read blogs to try to take my mind off it but most of the blogs seem to be about binge eating which is what I wanna do!!!!! I'm so frustrated.. I have roughly 4 days left before my period starts and I could tear my hair out right now with how bad I wanna make some popcorn and pour some chocolate syrup on top (not really, that'd be gross but you get it.. I hope) HELP!!!
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    I've had nights like that, and they're rough. One of the realizations I had early on is that those desperate binge signals actually mimic anxiety attack symptoms for me. It kind of helped me to realize that it was something else inside me manifesting as hunger and cravings (which still doesn't make it go away, but it can help).

    A couple strategies that work for me:

    Deep breathing/yoga: It's not as active as cardio, but it can force you to focus on your body and relaxation. I always feel refreshed, even after half an hour (and there are all levels of difficulty out there, so you don't have to twist yourself into a pretzel). Even giving yourself fifteen minutes to sit/lie and breathe can help.

    A small treat: Whether this works or not depends on the person, but I do well if I allow myself a small, high quality treat. I'd rather have a couple hundered extra calories (and I'll happily chalk it up to 'I have PMS and I want one') than crash with a binge trying to fill something I can't have. My favourites are these little salty chocolate caramel squares from Starbucks that come in around 180 calories and hit all the normal PMS craving spots.

    Write everything down: When all else fails, this is what keeps me grounded. It can be ugly to track a binge, but it can also put the brakes on things. For one thing, it keeps it real. I acknowledge what I'm eating, and it doesn't seem quite so scary. It may not be the number I want to see, but it's just food. Plus, while I'm in the middle of typing in what I'm nibbling on, it'll remind me that I'm still in control. More than once, that's stopped me from going back for more. Plus, the act of tracking reminds me that I'm still doing this, even if I'm not eating what I should be. Once it's written down, it becomes one day or one meal out of many, rather than a failure.

    And remember that even if you decide to eat a triple chocolate pizza topped with ice cream, bacon and cupcakes, you can still make a better choice with the very next decision you're faced with. The human stomach simply can't hold enough food to undo everything in one single day. It takes multiple decisions and days to head back in the opposite direction.
    2292 days ago
    I've heard that the body takes about 3 weeks to adjust to form new habits. I haven't gone through this situation yet, it's coming though, so I can't give any personal experience. Just some cheer-leading from the sidelines.

    It's hard. This changing lifestyles thing. Probably the hardest thing I've personally ever done. (And I'm an ex smoker! lol) But you can do it. Remember your goal. Remember your dream. Remember, "This too shall pass". Good luck!
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    Writing the blogs have helped me, but I am an emotional binger. Since I have found blogging to express my feelings, my cravings have subsided so far (but it's only been 2 Tonight I had a horrible night at work, wrote an entire page of ranting and then erased most of it..I just felt better after writing it all down. Night time is the hardest for me as well. Hang in there!
    2293 days ago
    Pay attention not to the cravings but to the way the way he foods make your body feel after. Eating more filling foods will leave you satisfied longer.

    You can eat delicious foods that will leave you satisfied. Sweet and salty snacks will NEVER satisfy you or your craving. Like you said you can't just have a small portion. Because those foods are made to make you want more and more.

    The body craves but it will go through this period of adjustment until it learns new habits. You won't always feel this way. It's a stage and you will get through it. Just hold on. You can make it. I remember starting to not eat after 7pm and I felt like I was starving and couldn't make it. But I stayed strong with help from my hubby (I asked for his help in supporting me) and got used to it. Now I don't eat at night and don't miss it. After dinner I don't snack.

    You'll get through this. It will get easier. You are stronger than the cravings.
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    Deep breaths! Ok I just came out of my pms binge. I don't know what to say...I lost it for two days. Just get back on track asap, track your calories...even though that didn't stop my binge, at least I see now that I have to stay at the lower end of my calorie range for the rest of the week. Maybe eat the popcorn but without the chocolate syrup?
    Sigh. I know exactly what you're going through and I have no idea how to control it either. I wonder if it can be controlled??? It's not cravings, it's actual hunger. I guess the body has it's reasons...But the advice of drinking water and eating more protein don't help when I have it bad. So I guess I have nothing new to offer you except emoticon
    2293 days ago
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