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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Holy cow today has been HARD!!! Just after I was firmly convinced if I said it was easy and kept thinking it would be easy that it would be easy. The plus side is that between not smoking with the group after staff meeting, not eating a single peice of the two bowls of candy and donuts passed around at the staff meeting and not ordering lunch with the group I have made some very good decisions. So now I am back to it being easy :-)

I did just dance for 25 minutes today and my arms are KILLING me. I couldn't figure out why and then remembered it was moving day (I run a used furniture store) at work and I moved furniture all morning. I am normally not this sore, but we had a huge heavy oak TV cabinet today. I wanted to work out more tonight, but I would say between moving furniture for 3 hours and this 25 minutes I am pretty decent for today.

I did the calculations and determined the maximum weight I should expect to loose a month if I do 30 minutes of exercise daily and eat at the lower end of my calorie range is 10lbs. I always think it should be more, but that's just not feasible. I've contemplated working out more, but I don't want to burn myself out. So if I end up working out more, I work out more, but I won't count on it. While 10lbs a month seems too slow for me when I put it into perspective that means in a year I will be about 100lbs lighter. I realize 10lbs will not always happen, and I will have to re-adjust my calories and exercise but that is seriously amazing!

My motivation right now is how in one year I will look back and be so proud of how hard I worked to make my life better. That candy bowl staring at my face may have been really tempting, but what I will look like a year from now if I keep making good decisions is even more tempting.
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