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Seven Pounds in Seven Days? Don't Mind if I Do!

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Yes, I KNOW a pound a day is not a sustainable or healthy rate of weight loss. And I KNOW most of this loss is water weight. But stepping on the scale each day and seeing it drop, drop, drop is great motivation to keep going.

I've done this before. I know it takes time. That the scale will fluctuate all over the place. Or land somewhere and stay there, hand on hip like a petulant child. I'm not afraid that a different result in week two will derail me. But after struggling to lose ANYTHING for so long, this kick start was what I needed.

Here's what I noticed over the last week:
*My pants fit. Comfortably. I'm not in love with the size printed on the tag (I miss my 4s, badly), but at least I can easily zip up what I have, and the angry red marks left by the waistband are gone. I think when your clothes fit, no matter how large they may be, you feel better about yourself.

*I care more about my appearance. The last several days I have taken the time to do my makeup and actually worn some of the beautiful jewelry I own. Because I feel better about myself and am proud of my accomplishment, I want to look the part.

*I ate out five times (twice in one day), and still managed to stay in my calorie ranges each day. And I wasn't starving! Knowing I can do that is powerful. Take that yummy delicious Texas Roadhouse rolls.

*My face feels thinner. I don't know how to explain that, exactly, but I sense that my cheekbones are more defined even without looking at my face. I don't know if they really are or not, but if wanting that feeling keeps me motivated....

*The two days I made it to the gym didn't feel like enough. I used to be a total gym rat, even logging time on the elliptical in my 41st week of pregnancy. When a grand mal kept me from driving, I fell out of the habit for awhile. When my daughter started school, which meant I was no longer walking past the gym to get to her daycare located in the same building, I started donating my money every month instead of going. My schedule is packed, and going six days a week like I was in my prime isn't feasible. Rather than beat myself up about that, my goal is to go Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays when I shouldn't have much trouble getting there. If I make it other days, great; if not, I still made my goal.

When I first found Spark People in July 2007 I weighed 177.5 lbs. My first goal is to get back there, and I'm already only 5 lbs. away. I think the end of January is a reasonable time frame to get there, but I'm okay if it takes a little longer. Slow and steady wins the race, right?! (But sometimes fast and easy is fun, too...)
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