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Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Vitamin D ~ Do we get enough?
For us here in Minnesota, the only opportunity we have to get Vet D from sunshine is between Memorial Day and Labor Day! Channel 4 did a 'Good Question' on this issue this week. Wearing a sun block during the summer months blocks 95% of sun UV exposure ! emoticon So for us a Vit D supplement is a MUST! emoticon

January thaw?
We have one this week, giving us temps in the mid 30F*s! emoticon It ends tomorrow and we go back in the freezer. emoticon

Loosing weight?
Not so far, actually I went up to 166 which I was ashamed emoticon to post! I'm back to 164.2 and starting week 2 of the January Jump-start Challenge!

Trip to ER?
Yes - last Saturday, ambulance ride included! About an hour after I woke up I started to get a burning rash from head to toe. Scared? You bet! Since I live alone, I was afraid to wait it out and called 911. I was beet red all over and my skin was burning! After blood tests, multiple doc exams, and having an IV starter kit installed (no IV, just the connector in my arm) I was released, minus the IV starter kit, with a diagnosis of UK allergic reaction or possibly a reaction to niacin (which I have been taking for the last 3 months), why a reaction now?

Photo of my new black cat?
Not yet, I'm going to name her Phantom! I only catch brief glances of her eating or using the litter box!

Does your grocery have a $1 section?
Unfortunately yes, including a section of dark chocolate bars and cookies! emoticon emoticon I haven't gone there in a week, until I get stronger willpower.

Having no more News, bad or good, I'll sign off. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I had a reaction from Vit C once. Turned orange from the waist up and went to the doctor with no coat on in -30 weather. Turned out to much vit c in the body. It took me four days to get back to the right color.
    1953 days ago
    I didn't consider I might be short on vitamin D until the GP did a check and - wow, what a surprise that was! Our latitude here is more northern than Minnesota even, so she said you can only get enough sun-action on skin about two weeks around the summer solstice. Well, who knew? I think the supplement is helping, tho, so it's a plus.

    Re the niacin: same thing kind of happened to me. Apparently it's such a cumulative, that you reach a threshhold some point after you've been taking it with no apparent side-effects. The then-doc said it's easy to end up with too much in your system when you take supplements because so many foods now have niacin added to them.

    We live and learn, ain't?
    1957 days ago
  • _LINDA
    As one of the few Sparkers living 'close' to me, you get an idea of the weather we suffer. Had a mild spell here too, only a few days though before the deep freeze starts again -add our strong winds and we might as well be in the arctic!!! I do take a Vit D3 supllement -our summers are far too short and winters way too long. We usually get lots of sunshine, but this winter has been continually dark as well as cold.
    That allergic reaction is very scary -but I sure can't see it happening that fast after you have been taking something for three months!! Time for some serious allergy testing by a specialist I would think. I have heard of quick reaction to too much niacin though.
    Sorry to hear you suffer from SAD -make sure you get one of those sunshine replacement lamps -I have heard from Spark friends they do help.
    So, a cat has adopted you, sort of, has she? Black cats are the hardest ones to adopt out from shelters -they struggle getting homes for them, wonder if its because of deep rooted superstition? Good of you to take one on!
    They have a quick sale bin at my grocery store, but usually its produce past its due date (and not even $1 but half price) and knick knack odds and ends of things they couldn't sell. I am guessing they have no problem selling the junk food as you sure don't see that on a clearance table ever lol.
    It was so nice to hear from you Sunny!
    Keep on Sparking!
    1958 days ago
  • FRAN0426
    I take vitamin D 3 as my doctor reccommended I take. Wow can imagine that rash was a real scare. Hope you don't get that rash again. Good thing you went to ER, as you never know what other side effects could have occured. Happy you are doing better.
    1958 days ago
  • DR1939
    When I walk in the winter I do not wash my face until after I return. My moisturizer has a sunscreen in it and I want the sunshine. As it is my face only I don't worry about just exposing for 15 minutes. I believe I need a longer period in the winter.
    1958 days ago
    Those allergic reactions can be a stitch... I had one a year ago that had my doctor laughing while I itched. Penicillin, would you believe? Since I never took meds until about six years ago, it was only my second time on amoxicillin, and lo and behold, HIVES on day 8 of a 10 day course.

    Sounds like you had similar symptoms. Glad you took precautions and had it looked at and taken care of! Feel better soon!
    1958 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Wow, what a terrific allergic reaction! Good thing you got yourself to the hospital, could have gotten worse!
    I hope all is okay now.
    1958 days ago
    I'm glad you're better and hope your vitamin D is up today. I hate this time of year for the lack of sunshine, hey it's just setting now!

    I hope you figure out the allergic reaction and have some benadryl on hand just in case.

    My Cub gained a $1 section, right in the first aisle this year. I haven't even really looked at the items because I'm usually getting so little for my dollar it isn't worth it. I prefer fruit and veggies as a snack anyhow.
    1959 days ago
    emoticon Wow, You have been a Busy Gal!! I usually put on Sunscreen just before I leave the house since most brands don't 'Kick In' for 15 or 20 minutes anyway.
    I am glad that you are OK after the Allergic Scare! It is weird how you can take something for Months, and then suddenly One Day your System says WHOA!!
    emoticon Just have to Keep On Keeping On, one step at a time.
    1959 days ago
    Phantom does sound like a good name for the elusive kitty! emoticon
    1959 days ago
    I don't lack Vit C, I am a citrus junky! emoticon

    As a child and as a young adult Vit C WAS advertised as the Sunshine Vitamin. It has now changed to Vit D as the Sunshine Vitamin!

    I was Officially diagnosed as having SAD by my Mental Health Professional, I am NOT imagining it!

    1959 days ago
    WOW emoticon and emoticon
    I take 50,000 prescription vitamin D. I think Char does also.
    I had heard niacin was not good for you.
    Sorry you had problems. I know what you mean living alone is tough sometimes.
    We have been getting some rain but it is really sunny now, Sunny, and I think in the high 60's. I don't envy you the freezing weather. It is possible that what you thought was SAD was a lack of vitamin C.
    Hope you are completely well now.
    1959 days ago
    I think it is Dr. Mercola who recommends NO sun screen for the first 15 minutes of being outside in the sun. He also recommends D3...apparently there are different kinds of Vit D and some are more absorbable than others.

    Sorry to hear of your ER trip. Hope it is all resolved were wise to NOT wait.

    I like KK's post also...good point, Katrina.
    1959 days ago
    The allergic sounds scary. And don't be afraid to post when things don't go the way you proud that you owned it! Put yourself first and keeping stepping forward!
    1959 days ago
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