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Signed on for 1/2 Marathon! Lost 5.6lb this week

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

What a week!! It's been a crazy hard first week back on WW, but all the work I did and all the food I DIDNT eat paid off. I stepped on the scale exactly 1 week later and was down 5.6lbs!! I was hoping for at least 3lbs, so that is great!

And now that the easiest part is over, it's time to keep rolling on through week 2 with success. Weeks 2 and 3 I think will be hard to stay consistent as I start training for a half marathon and stay consistent with my food/drink. I felt like it wasn't too difficult this week to stay on track, the points really make it easy to stay on serving size and not eat a tiny bit more at any meal. I was a ravenous b**ch the first 3 days, just cranky, annoyed, annoying I'm sure and overall a Debbie downer. It really sucks to be so hungry all the time, it consumes my mind and then I'm all angry inside because I have my day planned out and don't want to go over. I'm trying to stay away from snacking in between meals. I know "metabolism blah blah" whatever. I don't like snacking- it takes me away from working and I just want to eat more than my snack anyway.

This week I seriously kicked AZZ at working out. Honesty it will be difficult to maintain such a high-level of activity for 18 weeks. From this week until May 19th I will be running between 12-27 miles a week- growing every week from 12. Yikes!!

I took the leap of faith on myself yesterday to sign up and commit to running a half Marathon on May 19th!


I am nervous about it. My goal is to run at least half of it, and come in under 3:15 minutes. If I can trot along for 8-9 miles, awesome!! I remember running the 10K (6.25 miles) last summer and how exhausted I was after it. I hope my body is strong enough to power through this. But since I started losing weight and decided running is my love, I have wanted to challenge myself to a half marathon.

In my head I am thinking- of course it can be done. In my heart I'm quivering with fear that I won't finish! I honestly don't care if I am the last person left on the course, as long as I make it in under the 4 hour time limit. the most I've ever ran is 6.5 miles, and stupidly I didn't take a rest day after that and sustained a hairline fracture on my foot. So taking it easy the day after my long runs is a MUST.

I also need to make sure I am eating enough for my body with all these calories I am burning.

AHhh- whatever, this is all stuff I know how and what to do. What I need to focus on is making sure to run every day that's scheduled, or reschedule if I miss one. I also need to eat right, within my daily points and keep up my streaks.

Current streaks:

No fast food: 1/2/13-now
No chocolate at work: 1/3/13-now
No deep fried foods: 1/2/13-now

Fast food is something I cant cheat on, or it would be like cheating on Josh himself. He does no doughnuts in the morning and I do no fast food. Chocolate at work is a big one- there's ALWAYS chocolate around.

I'm having some "bored" issues at work lately- just getting restless about what I want to do in the future and with my current company in particular. Its almost sad that at 27, 5 years into a place that I feel hopeless about it? I AM in a new position, but feel like it could be a dead end. But it's new so who knows. My boyfriend was nice enough to listen to be complain, feel sorry about myself, whine, pout and cry last night about all the BS I deal with (about 80% of it is in my head) I'm a gemini, I conflict on every opinion, could go either way with anything, see both sides. I'm ultimately doomed to never be sure about anything.

BUT that's the great thing about life- everyone lives it in their own way, and as I've been feeling bleak about death and a long life lately- I want to switch my views up. I want to be excited about life! Excited about the future, my future, and me and Josh's future together- our life that we WILL have together! We are going to do so many exciting things together. I want him to be with me for the rest of my life. He is such an amazing man and I can't believe I'm so lucky to be the one who has him. We make our own lives, and I want to make ours exciting, fun, loving, strong and wonderful!

*loving life today

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    1990 days ago
    Great Job! Way to hustle! Keep pushing and continual success as you progress on your weight loss journey!
    1991 days ago
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