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What's in a name?

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

As most of you know, my name is Marc, but that almost was something else.

I almost got named Tom, but for some reason, it was decided against being named that.

My brother wanted me named that, but then had second thoughts when my full name would be Thomas, as if that was something bad.

But then, I would have loved that name. It's the name of a famous saint and disciple of Christ.

I often wonder what would have been if Tom had been my name. How different the story of Tom would have been from Marc.

For one thing, Tom wouldn't have been so shy, but more outgoing.

He would have taken risks that I never would have.

He would have climbed that mountain that I now only dream of.

He would have gone to the high school prom.

He would never have seen food as love,

And ended up obese.

So, I have at this time of life, had my close friends call me Tom.

Not an official name change, just a name among friends. And there is a precedent. My favorite author, C.S. Lewis,

insisted his friends call him Jack.

So, in honor of the Tom that could have been, I am embarking on being Tom.

And that was the name of one of my favorite Tolkien characters as well, the jovial Tom Bombadil.

And now, that song by Paul Simon can be true of me.

And I'm deleriously happy that Tom has finally emerged, come of the shell he has lived in for 59 years.


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