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Competing with fitbit with husband

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Mistake. Next topic... He seriously burned 200 calories more than I do in his sleep lol The other day we were sitting around in our robes. I left the house to hit the gym for an hr running 3 miles and water aerobics. I got back he was still in his robe and he was way ahead of me on calorie burn.... So ummm ya no wonder he stays so skinny. He is very figity and running around everywhere all the time. Takes me all day to get 25 flights of stairs, he manages 60 without trying and he has no stairs at his work either. Oh well mine is motivating me and I have told ppl about it and gotten at least 4-5 people to get them as well.

My friend told me a good thing for fertility is having a little ice cream each night. At first this sounded like a terrible idea for me. Oh god I will eat all the ice cream in 1 sitting. But I paid a little more and got little individual cups of ice cream and each one is 110 calories. I put them in the deep freezer in our basement so I gotta get a flight of stairs just getting 1 lol I have been taking Prenatal vitamins for 2 weeks now. I can't believe how fast my nails are growing. I can't tell if my hair is growing fast too, I am sure it is. Just harder to notice. I can see why women stay on prenatals even if they aren't doing anything with a baby.

Ok I gotta rant. I have been going to water aerobics class a lot lately and if you have ever been to one, you will know there's lots of talking. So I get to overhear all the new years resolution dieters talking about their new exciting ventures. Two women last night were gonna do calorie cycling. Yes I have done that but it's not dramatic like they were talking. When I did it, it was like 1680 one day and then 1500 the next and then 1900 the next. No theirs was 2000 one day 1000 the next, back and forth like that. 1000 really? You burn half that sleeping each night. I said, why don't you just eat 1500 a day and get the same benefit? they scoffed at me like I was stupid. I love when I tell ppl like this about my weight loss. They are interested but they are on a adventure and that's all they care about. Ok keep tormenting yourself, I tried. I wont even get into Dr. Oz and his amazing list of herbs in the jungle that melt the weight off. Sorry ladies I work at a health food store and never once in 2.5 yrs have I seen anyone return saying OMG that green coffee bean extract melted my fat off! Never have I seen it bought twice. Please please please save your $35 dollars, get a gym membership, go for a walk, log your food, be conscious of what you eat and think with common sense. No wonder dieting is "awful" and never works.
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  • 82BFIT
    I don't know any fertility tricks....I'll do some research and get back to you. I do love Dr. Oz but agree that exercising and healthy food choices are what will help you make life changes. You had me laughing with your comments:)

    1958 days ago
    I like prenatal vitamins too. Only vitamin blend that didn't turn my urine some bright, unnatural colour!

    As for your hubby and the calorie thing, it's the testosterone. (sigh)
    1959 days ago
    ROFLMBO!! OMG! How irritating. The difference between men and women. Everything is aerobic for them, including brushing their teeth. We can pole vault and our metabolism is like, "Yawn.......did you want me to wake up?"

    The prenatal vitamins were great. It makes you wonder if the recommendations are way too low.

    I agree. Everyone is always after the quick fix. They don't want to do without or sweat.

    1960 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/10/2013 4:16:31 PM
    emoticon Men and their metabolisms!!!!! Don't you just love them? emoticon
    1962 days ago
    You make me laugh - and I can't believe all the stupid stuff Dr Oz keeps attaching his name to!!
    1962 days ago
  • DNJEN471
    I wish I had the money for a fitbit. I'm going to save up for one for my birthday. Do you have the wrist band one? That's the one I think I'd want. Are you thinking about babies? ;) I hate the fad diets too. Don't get me started on HCG! I know so many people who have yo-yod on that.
    1962 days ago
  • THESB25
    Preach it girl! You're awesome.
    1962 days ago
    LOL about the Dr. Oz fanatics! I was behind a lady in Target that was complaining about how "even the healthy cereal" makes her sugar go up. Yet all she was buying was cookies, chips and a coke. Seriously? Annoying!
    1963 days ago
    Men, they can lose so fast. It's crazy. Me and hubby are sort of competing on steps. It's a fun way to get them in. I am liking my Fitbit so far.
    I've been in similar situations, after I lost my weight before. People would ask how I did it, but they sure don't want to hear the less, move more. They want to hear you took a miracle pill or drink. Those situations are just tough. I've gained all mine back, so I'm certainly not in any position to try to tell someone how to do it. lol

    Water aerobics is so much fun!

    1963 days ago
    Once my husband gets motivated to be more active he drops weight so quickly. It's kind of frustrating, but I've learned not to compare myself to him and only compare myself to me! Still, I do want to beat him in the daily Fitbit step totals. :)
    1963 days ago
    Ugh, men. I hate that they burn so much more than us. :( Keep at it though!

    I miss water aerobics! So fun.

    Great job with the ice cream. I am curious as to what your friend said about ice cream helping? I've never heard that! Very interesting :D!!
    1963 days ago
    I want a fitbit but it's so pricey! But I know it's because I have a fascination for gadgets, I probably would never use it. :p It sounds awesome though!

    I don't know how people can eat 1k calories in one day. Granted, because of my extra slow metabolism due to my thyroid-- I can't eat 1500 everyday and still lose weight. But it's important to at least eat 1,200+, and ONLY 1,200 if you REALLY feel like you can't eat more because you're so full. I try to aim for 1,400 at least, but sometimes I can't get to that amount unless I eat a ton at night since during the day I hardly have time to eat most days. It's impossible to snack while working at my job. Everyone's body is a bit different.

    Water aerobics sounds like so much fun! Don't think a gym here has anything like that unfortunately. I miss the water so much since I moved from Miami... I surely took having a pool for granted back then.
    1963 days ago
    Great way to stay motivated! emoticon
    emoticon worth a try!
    1963 days ago
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