I'm back

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Well, I'm back. Food-wise, my life fell apart and the whole time I was thinking that I was enjoying myself. Now I have gained back all the weight and then some and I don't have any energy. None of my clothes fit and my self esteem has gone back down. Any way, I decided that I don't like living like that and to come home to Spark People. I am back to making baby steps to great health, but I am making them.

While I was gone some really great things happened. Hubby got a CPAP machine and now he is sleeping better and QUIETER. I am sleeping better too.

Both the boys are living on their own now. That leaves Dez and Ani with us, but Dez seems to have problems that are interfering with her getting a job or going to school. She is seeing working on those problems and we are very content to have Ani around.

Speaking of which, That little monkey is up to my chin now. She will turn 8 next month. I can't believe how quickly that times goes.

After Lott died, we adopted another cat, William. He grew up in a cat shelter and was used to having lots of friends so we adopted a second cat, Summer. She is more a loner, but they play together and are typical siblings trying to make sure that the other doesn't get more food or loving. Then in late September, two older kittens showed up in the yard. Max and Sissy will be a year old next month. We had them fixed and they are up to date on all their shots, but they live outdoors. I couldn't imagine cleaning up after FOUR cats and a granddaughter.

Well, more later. My ride is here to take me to work.
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