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A by-word: recovery

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Saturday's long run gave me Sunday as a recovery day... again.

Weekend recovery days are not necessarily good things for me, because I have errands to do and I'm at home, i.e. on my own with a 'fridge and cupboard full of stuff. Even though it's mostly healthy stuff, it's still stuff in volume, and if I'm hungry or any of the things that tend to send me to "hungry" as a substitute for the emotion I don't want to deal with right now... it's there.

That last paragraph is a little off topic, but here's the interesting part: I didn't beat myself up even though I did some weird eating on Sunday. I started, in my mind to consider it "figuring out the puzzle of training recovery." I was back on track Monday, eating right, break walks. and my Spark upper body strength workout in the evening.

And all of this, particularly the "calm" and the mental exercise of figuring out the puzzle of recovery got me thinking about that very word.

My little Webster's says that recover means "1 a) to get back (something lost or stolen) b) to regain (health, consciousness, etc.) 2 to compensate for; make up for [to recover losses] 3 a) to get (oneself) back to a state of control, balance or composure b) to catch or save (oneself) from a slip, stumble, betrayal of feeling, etc...."

In any case, the whole concept of recovery implies the return of or to something YOU ALREADY HAVE TITLE TO!

Wow. This kind of blew me away. The implication of the word is that we ARE worth it. We OWN being healthy and fit. When we "overspend" in training, we "get it back" through recovery, because we OWN it.

Here's to OWNING our health and fitness, and to recovery days, whether due to slips and slides or due to training hard. And to figuring out the puzzle pieces.

Life is good, Spark on!

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