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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

...not for food, but for something fun to happen. This eventualy ends up with eating as it gives some sort of relief from the creeping restlessness....

Yesterday I saw a docuentary from Audtralia - "Fat&back" about a personl trainer who during a year first gained 40 kilos (88 pounds) it took him six moths, and then lost them again the next six months. He was a young man and had been a model for underwear and had taken weill care of his body. Seemed idiotic to stress that poor body with junk food and fast weight gain, but as I said, he was a young man and that sort of things is what young men do because they are immortal... his reason for doing this was that he was a personal trainer for heavily overweight people and failed to understand whyit was so hard to meke them work out in the long run, he decided to get the experience of how a very heavy body feels first hand...

He very quickly experienced thath he had no problem eating junk food - the more he ate, the more he wanted. Up until a point were he found it hard to add more kilos, he had to buy a deep frier to get more fat into his food...he also got depressed, stuffed nose, skin problems and other aches, he wanted to give it up after a while but stuck with it.

Then six onths were gone and he started to lose. it was interesting to learn that it was not easy even for him, he had some relapses into chocolate and pizza but he did manage and finished the year as muscular and fit as he had started. His conclusion was that it takes a lot mor focs and determination to lose weught than he had thoguht.

There were also some interesting facts from "experts" in that program, such as very few people stick more than two-three weeks with a diet, that 95 procent of those who succeed in losing, gain the weight back again. I can choose to get depressed by those negative facts or I can choose to accept and respect myself for even trying as it is a much harder thing to do than I usually give myself credit for....

And then keep on trying... for the moment I am in a very laidback style trying to eat less calories than I spend, regarding every day when that happens as a big success!
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  • DSJB9999
    thank you for sharing this story. I hope that person manages to keep the weight off!

    It can be difficult! I am now determined to remove the weight I have gained in the last 4 weeks! :-} Then more importantly I need to try to maintain it.


    Donna x
    1926 days ago
    Did a little search, indeed there's another guy who did this: see
    1926 days ago
    Oh yes. But HOW LONG WILL HE KEEP IT OFF??? Now that he got 'hooked' on junkfood? I read an article about him - what was his name again? Then maybe this was another guy who did the same thing...
    His wife said he never cared about junkfood before he decided to deliberately gain weight. But now, he does and has to tell himself 'no' and use willpower to keep the weight off. Is my guess.
    We all - well, a lot of us here - know that it is fairly easy to lose weight THE FIRST TIME.
    And then the pounds come back on. And you have to work harder to get them off again. And then they come back on. Why? Because we started messing with our natural way of eating, disturbing it, trying to force and rule our body from the brain, from ideas in a diet book and not listening any more to what our body tells us. Or maybe we already stopped listening earlier in life, and got addicted to junkfood and candy as a way of comforting ourselves because we didn't get enough emotional support. Oh, my. Getting off my soapbox now!

    (Btw I think this man did it as a publicity stunt, not so much to 'understand his clients better', but I may be wrong.).
    1926 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/8/2013 3:05:19 PM
    I'm so glad I'm not a "number"! I don't diet; I just focus on healthy choices. Yes, I know restlessness; I think walking Sugar has helped that a lot for me. If I can get outside it helps a lot! Otherwise, tackling a "fun" project indoors can help. The refrigerator in the garage and reordering the garage to be more functional gave me a lift. Other times it might be a sewing or other decorating project. It used to be cooking but I don't spend much time in the kitchen anymore. I keep my food pretty simple. Sparking helps, make your fun Cecelia; you're one of the most creative people I know! Hang in there; it will get better as the days get longer. emoticon
    1927 days ago
    I heard about that guy too. It's amazing that food to a food addict is like crack to a crack addict. Very hard to withdraw from.
    1927 days ago
  • GINNJEN1974
    I had heard about this man. I am glad that he came to realize just how hard it is to move an unhealthy sized body. Yes it does seem like the percentages are not in our favor, we can only keep trying because at least in that we are still trying to win the battle.
    1927 days ago
    If by "trying" you don't lose weight but you are healthier than you were six months ago, and you aren't gaining weight, and you have more energy and strength and feel better in general... then your efforts are paying off, thinks me.

    Re restlessness: oh, gah, me too, Meddy! We get the infamous "cabin fever" in mid-winter, but it's really just this sense of restlessness - I needed the word and didn't even know it, lol...
    1927 days ago
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