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Choosing to listen

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

This week, I have taken some positive steps and made some positive choices but I have also made some not so great choices as well.

The week started out rough because of something all girls hate. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out! I craved something sweet & gave into some diet coke.

Yesterday, I was celebrating my friend's birthday & I had some Pineapple soda. It didn't sound appealing but I was curious about it. I also had some mint ice cream. Still, I passed up on the corn from the corn lady. I hope you know who/what I am talking about. I am sure someone out there does! I also passed up other ice cream that was offered as well as a piece of candy that was offered to me. I guess it wasn't the worst day but it wasn't the best day. Definitely room for improvement.

Today I did have cherry coke. A lot of it!

I don't usually drink soda but I think I know what happened. On January 1st, I read an article about tea and thyroid function so I decided to try giving up all forms of tea to see if I felt any better. I think I replaced the tea with soda. I do LOVE water but sometimes, I crave something with a little more flavor too.

When I was making decisions that weren't so great, there was a little voice inside my head telling me NOT to make those decisions. It was LOUD but I decided not to listen. The voice of reason. It is the voice that is ON YOUR SIDE. Why would I not listen to the voice that is trying to help me accomplish my goals? Maybe it's because I am so used to the Harsh, critical voice. The doubtful voice. The voices that AREN'T on my side. Those are the voices I have always listened to. The voice of reason is smart & kind. I like her. I will start listening to what she has to say!

Now, to the positive things.
Cutting out tea has helped. I haven't felt dizzy all week! Not even slightly. :D
I have met my goal of walking a minimum of 4 x per week for at least an hour this past week. Woohoo!
I have been drinking a lot of water.
I went out today even though I didn't feel like it & it went well. I don't mind going out but I usually don't go if I don't feel like it and I have a choice.
My sleep has been on track! Finally! :)
I have relaxed for most of the week. It's not easy for me to relax so that's a big deal.
No headaches this week. I get Migraines & Sinus headaches all the time so this is also a big deal! :)

I am still going to keep my fearless acronym (refer to last blog) in mind.

How did this past week go for you?

Keep striving to reach the goals you set. You did set them FOR A REASON!
Don't forget to listen to that smart, kind voice of reason when she or he is speaking!

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  • BLUEFISH1881
    Way to go after your goals. emoticon
    1959 days ago
    1959 days ago
    I love tea but I only drink herbal tea. Can you tell me where you found this article? I don't drink soda or pop or whatever you want to call it at all.

    You didn't have the worst week but not the best either. That's okay though because you are learning to listen to the voice that is on your side. You aren't expected to do the right thing all of the time especially when you are just starting on this journey. This whole thing is a learning process and eventually you'll get to where you'll have more positive days than negative or bad days.

    You're doing great! Keep up the great work! emoticon emoticon
    1960 days ago
    Oh, great! First I became vegetarian and found out cruficiouses and soy are bad for my (very low functioning) thyroid and now TEA?? and floride... I drink city water and lived in Chicago for 14 years drinking it there as well. *SIGH*. I wish I knew all this back when!! This is one of the things I LOVE about reading other people's blogs, you learn SO MUCH about your own self!! Thank you so much!! and what was with the dizziness?? I get light headed all the time, is that the tea?
    1960 days ago
    All the positive things from this past week out weight the few negative -
    emoticon ! You are off to a great start this year. Just think of all the amazing things you will accomplish this year!
    1960 days ago
  • BARBIE176
    You have a lot of positive accomplishments for your week. Like you I can really do well in some aspects, and not so much in other aspects. Keep trying and eventually you will have more positives and less not so positives. Woo hoo on the no headaches! emoticon emoticon
    1960 days ago
    Congratulations on all of those acheivements!! I'm glad you've been doing so well and to hear that you aren't feeling lightheaded. That's great!
    I've been battling this cold all week so no cardio for me, walking when I can but even a fifteen minute walk just knocks me out! I have done each of the jumpstart strength workouts so far, so at least that's something!! Better than nothing :)
    have a good rest of your week girl! emoticon
    1960 days ago
    No one is ever perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. The important thing is to learn from it and correct what needs to be changed.

    You may want to look into other flavoring options for water, as there are so many options. You might even try throwing some fresh fruit into your water for flavoring - lemons, limes, strawberries, etc.
    1961 days ago
    Sounds like you've had a pretty great week. I had to cut soda out completely. Once I start drinking it, I can't stop. Tea and water are my friends!
    1961 days ago
    emoticon on all the things that you did well last week. You are doing a great job. As for the not so great things, pick yourself up and move on from the and keep listening to that voice of reason who's on your side!

    1961 days ago
  • RFJSJ50
    I only drink water - don't like coffee, tea, milk, or soda! (I do admit to ordering a "clear" soda like 7-Up or Sprite once in a while when I'm eating out, but not often.)
    Can you drink Crystal-Light? I often add it to water to give it some flavor. Also, try adding a little lemon juice or lime juice to add flavor.
    It sounds like you are getting a handle on things and gradually gaining control. It takes time and conscious effort to do so. It's good that you aren't just seeing the negative (like I tend to do) in what you're doing, but are also aware of the positive things you do.
    Stay strong!
    1961 days ago
    I often start my day off with hot water with some fresh lemon squeezed in it. So good for kidney health. You are making some really good lifestyle changes. Keep up te great work!
    1961 days ago
    What about hot water with some lemon and maybe some honey instead of tea? Would that work? I drink flavoured water but there is probably aspartame in it. I usually combine it with tap water to dilute it. It sounds like you are doing a lot of things right. I have no idea what a corn lady is but it is intriguing. I don't think we have corn ladies in Canada but I do know some really corny ladies. Just about as corny as that last joke! I am glad you make note of mistakes but even gladder that you give yourself credit for the many things that you are doing right! Maybe that inner voice needs to speak up and be heard. Tell her to quit being so shy. I am definitely struggling to keep my resolution of no snacking and just a cup of tea with honey after 8pm. I never realized before the path I was making to the fridge each evening. I hope to earn my first Hello Kitty sticker. Yeah me!
    1961 days ago
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