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Confessions of a missing blogger

Monday, January 07, 2013

OK, I freely admit, I have been on a "No-blog" streak for over 2 months. Certainly, not a streak to be proud of and I have no real reason to have been on a blogging va-ca for so long. It's not like my life is any busier than usual (I'm still on the road 2+ weeks a month), nor have I had any "Spark disasters" (other than gaining about 9 lbs during the holidays, 4 of which have come back off since 1 Jan). Yeah, my last blog I highlighted the disheartening news about my cholesterol numbers being sky high, but truth be told, I look and feel healthier today than at any time in the last 20 years! Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die!

I guess I just haven't had much to say!

Now none of my friends or family would ever say that I am a man of few words or characterize me as a "quiet man," so why I suddenly canned the blogging....what the hell, I really don't know why. However, as I approach my 3rd year on Spark (join date 9 Jan 11), I look back on the things that have helped me succeed and public blogging is right up there at the top of the list.

The good news is that I can honestly say that I am starting off 2013 feeling great. The past 2 years, but especially the last half of 2012, have given me a degree of control over my weight and health that I had previously viewed as out of my control. Especially over....FOOD!

Right before Thanksgiving, I weighed in at 177.....the lowest I have weighed in probably 20 years. Going into the holidays, I made a conscious decision (yes a conscious one) that I wasn't going to get all bent out of shape about enjoying.....carbs.

Yes carbs, that doughy, sugary, starch-laden food group that comes out in force between Thanksgiving and New Years.

I have been very disciplined since about June 2012 on keeping my carbs real low. Voila, I saw waistline shrinkage, pound droppage, and a sense of appetite control I have never felt before.

Great God in boots, why then would I ever eat carbs again?!?!

Hell, I don't know. SWMBO and I are social animals. We get lots of invitations to all sorts of events.....and I really felt like having some pecan pie....and some brownies.....and some warm, fresh out of the oven, bread.

So I did. Screw the tracker, screw the carbs, to hell with it all, let's just see what happens.

Well 9 lbs 3 weeks! The 9 lbs that took me 7 months to drop off came back in 3 freakin' weeks.

Is there any justice in this universe?!?!? Who the hell designs a human body to have to work its ass off to drop 9 lbs in 7 months, only to have them find their way right back on in only 3 short holiday weeks. I wish my bank account worked like hard to take money out and have it all replaced in no time!

But like I said, it was a conscious decision. I wanted to run a little experiment, and, as with many things I've learned since joining Spark, I will chalk this up as a valuable experience.

Here's the cool part though.....I am not stressed about the gain.....I am confident and know just what I need to do to get back to where I want to be (like I said, 4 lbs have dropped off real quick). Two years of experience here has convinced me that logging food, logging points, working out, checking in with SP buds, welcoming newcomers, and yes, blogging, are all successful tools to get us the healthy body and lives we want.

So coming in to my 3rd year on SP, life is good; I know what works for me (and what doesn't).

I guess my only resolution for this year is to blog more often.....sure, why not!

Have a great night Spark friends!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I've missed you!

    Glad to see you are back and reconfirming what I already know!

    Yes, the Universe is unfair in these food laden times, treating us like we faced the same cycle of feast and famine that the seasons used to slam us with. Spring used to be known as "the starving time" when the winter stores were low, and the summer harvests were but a dream.

    No so much anymore.

    DH and I have been using the "Lose It" App to track our food for the last few weeks and are loving it. When I see some real results, I will let everyone know!

    Until then, I'll keep doing what you are doing... "logging food, logging points, working out, checking in with SP buds, welcoming newcomers, and yes, blogging" .....

    ¸¸.•´¸.•*¨) ♥¸.•*¨)
    (¸.•´ .♥ (¸.•´ .♥ (¸.•*´¨`* ♥☆¸.•*´¨`*♥☆
    `*♥☆ Keep Spreading the Spark!!!

    1988 days ago
  • MILLIE5522
    I put on 5 lbs in 4 days emoticon I had even tracked my every bite and clocked up an extra 1000 calories on each of those days which should be just over a 1lb gain not 5! Not fair!! Stamp feet!!!!
    But you are right. We know that being on here works and yes I have lost 2 of those pounds since the New Year. So here's to SP and all the great people like you who keep me on the straight and narrow (most of the time!) emoticon
    1992 days ago
    I'm still constantly impressed by your ability to continue eating well and exercising with all that travel. Usually traveling destroys my good habits until I get home. That's something to work on, I suppose!

    Glad to see you back blogging. I'm going to pretend it was my coming back and posting a blog that inspired you. emoticon
    1993 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/8/2013 10:26:46 AM
  • BILL60
    I think that most of us, in spite of trying otherwise, succumbed to the gastronomical treasures that the Holidays bring. Now it's back to the self-discipline. Let's go steady, let's go hard.
    1993 days ago
    This just made me chuckle emoticon action research is a valuable process!! Welcome back.
    1993 days ago
  • BOB240
    No there is no justice in the universe. You and me both can not eat carbs........

    It is very unfair..
    1993 days ago
    Welcome back to blogging! emoticon
    Are you still on low carb/ high fat? I thought you dropped it when your blood came back with some cholesterol issues... or are you making an "in between" thing low carb but not too much fat? Just being curious.
    It is great when, like you, one knows what works and what not!
    emoticon emoticon
    I will only get new workout cloths when I am able to run for 2 hours... this means summer or so!
    All the best for 2013 and stay healthy and sparking!

    1993 days ago
    9 lbs in 3 weeks is nothing...I did 5 in one. Good to hear you're back on track with your blogging & dropping those carb-laden lbs.
    1993 days ago
    mmm yes, the spark experiments. I enjoy a little experiment every now and then. I too went 'WHERE THE 'H' DID THIS FREAKIN' WEIGHT COME FROM SO FAST?! Well, it was about like that, anyways. I also find myself feeling better with fewer starchy, sugary carbs. But Holy scales, batman! They (the calories which translate into weight) sure know how to find it (the scale) at Christmas time.

    I have also been a little slow to blog lately as well, besides the December blogs, which were good for a while. For about as long as I was disciplined.

    Back to it!
    1993 days ago
    Good to hear from you again, GETSTRONGRRR. I hope all the newbies read your blog so that they can see a couple of things: first, even a seasoned Sparker can backtrack faster than he can count; and second, it's not the end of the world if a weight loser accidentally or carelessly 'finds' a few of his lost pounds. That's 'cause once folks become seasoned Sparkers they realize there's no need to sweat the small stuff, tomorrow's always a day for a new start, and you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar so be kind and gentle with Self when Self slips now and again.

    Happy New Year, and here's to getting back to winning Spark habits for all of us Holiday Gainers : )
    1993 days ago
    Good to see you again! Don't worry - I was down to 154 (my lowest) and then the holidays happened and I'm back up to 160. Here's to a great 2013!
    1993 days ago
    Great post! I feel the same about the holidays. Enjoy, and then get back to it. No problemo. And I too had a darn good time being social.

    Best to you in 2013! We shall tear it up!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1993 days ago
    Yes, blogging is another key to weight loss! emoticon Welcome back to the bloggy world!
    1993 days ago
    Totally excellent post! I for one have missed you in the SP blogosphere!
    1993 days ago
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