2013.4-7 keeping it real

Monday, January 07, 2013

So, my intension was to blog every single day of the year, to keep myself on task and accountable to my goals.... Well, I guess that isn't for real, because as much as I'd like to do that I just can't get to it every day. Goal adjustment: blog as often as I can.
But, the other goals, to cut out sweets, track my food and work out every day, much more realistic.

I have just finished tracking for today, and am all caught up and completed week 1.
I did workout 6 days this week, so I am good there as well,
And I have not put one piece of sweets into my mouth since January 1, when I restarted my quest for a healthy lifestyle.

So, 3 out of 4 is not bad! I'll take it and keep moving forward.

My weigh in today, after following these new rules I have set for myself was not great, but not bad either... In fact it was neutral. I stayed the same. I guess i have some holiday transgressions to make up for.

Next Monday will be better. I can feel it in my jeans! emoticon
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