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November/December 2012 Good Stuff (NSVs)

Monday, January 07, 2013

Whoo-daddy, the end of 2012 was a rocky ride, in so many regards. Lotsa stress, plus the holidays hit me hard this year! Starting with Thanksgiving, I feel like I've been on a mechanical bullride of weight loss and exercise efforts -- smooth sailing for a time, then screw-up, then recommitment, back to slacking and back to good efforts again.

Since Thanksgiving, I've gained and lost the same 4 pounds at least three times.

The good news is, I'm still hanging on to that effing bull, and now that the holidays have passed, I'm feeling like I have a tighter grip.

Happily, I do have some Good Stuff to report for this time period, in spite of my bull-ish setbacks!

I may be the Slowest Runner on Earth, but in November, and for reasons I still cannot fathom, I experienced my first (and so far, only) Negative Split!

It so surprised me so much when it happened that I wrote a whole blog about it, so if for some weird reason you want more deets, feel free to check it out at:

...and not just for the turkey!

My MIL is a pistol. A gerontologist who believes anyone can live to be 125 if they eat right and exercise. Poor thing is burdened with a son who hates exercise and a fat daughter-in-law (moi!) Needless to say, we're not exactly great poster-children for her efforts -- and as such, every year, we usually receive a heaping-helping of her opinion of What's Wrong With Us at some point during the Thanksgiving holiday.

She doesn't do it at the dinner table, so I guess I should be happy about that, but usually, she'll find some time to corner you when you're alone and defenseless -- and launch into her What You Need To Do lecture. This always-been-thin, not-a-medical-doctor then proceeds to advise you on health issues. Once, she gave me the following gem of unsolicited diet advice:

"I have a friend who had a problem with ice cream, so any time she had a craving, she would make herself walk three miles to the grocery store to buy it -- three miles there, three miles back. That way, even if she still did want to eat it after all that, she'd have burned off a lot of the calories just in the process of buying it! So, you know, maybe you should consider that..."

I take such issue with her ambushes not just because they're insulting, but because in the past, they've often had a negative effect on my efforts, inspiring me NOT to lose weight on the grounds that if I succeed she's bound to credit her half-assed advice for it! For this reason, and because it's my effing business, I *never* share my weight loss efforts with her. She is not a part of this evolution, thank you, and never will be!

So, that's the background -- here's the scoop on what happened this year. My MIL lives in another state, so the most we see each other is 2-3 times a year. Prior to Thanksgiving, the last time I'd seen her was in spring 2012, just at the beginning of my current weight loss effort. The Hubs and the Kiddo visited her a bunch over the summer, but I didn't join them due to work obligations.

That means that our 2012 Thanksgiving visit would be the first time she'd see the new and improved S.B.O...and I wondered what her reaction would be.

It should be positive, I thought -- I had lost, at that point, about 55#!
It could be negative, though -- after all, at the end of the day, I was (and am) still fat.

Turns out, neither of these anticipated reactions happened. On Thanksgiving, she didn't seem to notice that I'd lost any weight at all -- which honestly, was fine, really. I wasn't looking for her approval.

But something interesting *did* happen -- and that was the fact that I was not ambushed at any time during our stay. At all. Not one lecture, not one comment about fitness or eating right the entire time.

Interesting, huh? So I decided to mark that down as a victory for myself, and included it here as part of my Good Stuff for the season!

In December, I signed up for my first 5K -- the Color Run. It won't happen until April, but I'm eagerly looking forward to it!

For Christmas, my mom and dad were kind enough to gift me with a gift card for one of my favorite retailers. After receiving a compliment (?) from one of my co-workers ("Looking good, S.B.O...time to buy new pants, though!"), I realized I'd be using that gift card to buy new work pants. Truth was, it *was* time. I dropped two pants sizes in 2012, but I'm cheap enough that I wanted to wait as long as humanly possible before investing in new twill pants. After all, hopefully, I'd only be in this size for a short time, so I didn't want to have to invest any more $$$ than was absolutely necessary!

So, during the after-Christmas sales, I headed out to the store and bought the same brand of office twills I always do, in khaki and black. At the store, they were displayed in stacks on the shelf, folded up, with the size posted on a sticker attached to the leg of each pair. I grabbed Size 18s in both colors and headed to the fitting room, where I tried on the khakis. They fit perfectly! I checked out and went home.

About a week later, I decided to wear the black ones to work. I took off the tags and stickers and pulled them up. Hmmm...a little tight. Weird. I checked the tags and stickers in the garbage to doublecheck the size and yeah, they said Size 18. Whatever. I could button and zip them, no problem, they were just a little slimmer in the legs and booty. Maybe they'd felt this tight in the store and I hadn't noticed. Maybe that four pounds I've been fighting with made the difference. Maybe I just needed to wear them a little to stretch them out? I decided to wear them anyway, went to work and they looked fine. All was well.

The next day, I put on the khakis. Pulled them on in the morning and...wait a minute! These felt like they had in the store. Better fitting, not tight enough to need a stretch to wear. What was up with the black pair? A quick investigation of the tag sewn inside the black pair of pants revealed that they were actually Size *16s* -- someone must've put the wrong tags & stickers on them! I was cranky at first ("Dang it, now I'm going to have to make time to go and exchange them!"), but then I realized what it really meant ("OMG, my azz just went to work in Size 16 pants for the first time, literally, this millenium!").

So, I contemplated keeping the 16s, but figured I'd go ahead and exchange them for the 18s so I can keep with the buy-new-pants-every-two sizes train I've been on. Next stop, Size 14s!

So, that's the Good Stuff...well, at least as far as weight loss goes! I did have a good holiday season and I'm looking forward to a bright and shiny 2013!

I wish us all Good Stuff in the coming year!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Aw, yeah.... cheering your NSVs silently here at my desk!
    By the way, you MIL sounds a bit like my "evil grandmother." No, you'd never get a compliment- but being passed over for a lecture is reward in an of itself!

    2229 days ago
    OMG! I didn't know what NSV meant - I looked it up in urban dictionary - emoticon now I feel kinda dumb (Non Scale Victory). Good for you! Sometimes even the most well meant advice has a way of being counterintuitive. Glad you pushed against that nagging little voice and kept on going. GOOD JOB!
    2230 days ago
    emoticon on all the NSVs! My former MIL never commented on my weight, but my own mother did...when I was skinny. She was always telling me I was wasting away (at 120-125 lbs and 5'5" I was at a healthy BMI) and trying to get me to eat more and gain weight. Very annoying.
    2231 days ago
    NICE! Great blog! :)
    2232 days ago
    YAY YAY YAY YAY YAAAAYYYY!!!!! I love this blog! I love your nsv's I'm so happy to hear you had a good holiday season! Congratulations on no ambush from the mil and going to work in size 16 pants! I'm also super stoked about a bright and shiny 2013!
    2232 days ago
    Love MIL stories.. Mine, God rest her soul, was the oldest living bulimic/anorexic in history, according to her doctor. I would take her out for lunch once a week (she lived an hour away, too frail to do much else) and in protest I would order an appetizer, entree and dessert... Only time in life I have ever done all three.

    She was a pistol and a very good friend to me. I miss her much.
    2232 days ago
    Haha. This blog made me chuckle. First, congratulations on the new pants! The MIL story was priceless. Sometimes its good to have a nemesis in the weight-loss journey. It gives you a little more fuel to carry on. I too lost and gained the same three pounds but finally triumphed and lost 8 to get to minus 5 pounds.

    Here's to smaller pants in 2013.
    2232 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/7/2013 4:45:53 PM
  • CHARITY1973
    Love the MIL! Mine couldn't stop commenting on my weight loss like I was some sort of miracle of baby jesus to lose 25lbs. I did have 6 months of not seeing her to do all that losing. But unfortunately it will be her daughter who now gets the lecture. I feel for my SIL. No one wants one of those 'helpful' comments.

    Your comment on NOT wanting to lose weight just so the MIL can't claim credit sounds like my mother. She's due out here in 7 weeks and all 125lbs of her rake body will claim victory for having converted me over to her belief (skinny is the ultimate virtue...). Makes me want to devour chocolate cake in front of her! I don't look forward to her comments, no matter how positive.

    As for NSV you can be proud to get through those pesky holidays on track. I personally don't attempt weight loss during holidays. Maintenance will do. Too stressful otherwise for me.

    2232 days ago
    Mini yo yos aren't fun, but as long as that trendline keeps going down....

    Nice job pulling off the 16s without even knowing it!

    Glad the MIL kept her opinions to herself; don't need any more good intentions paving the way to dietary perdition. Hope the forbearance wasn't a one time holiday!

    Glad to hear about the good stuff. Hope they, at least, balanced the not so good stuff hinted at in the opening.

    And remember, S.B.O. 13 is kicking all the past SBO's collective butts. Game on!
    2232 days ago
    So many great things! I'm particularly pleased about MIL leaving you be-something good is happening!

    2232 days ago
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